Trendy Tot Tuesday: Ko Seung-jae

His dad was once a member of one one of Korea’s most popular boy bands, SechsKies but these days he’s the one that has been winning the hearts of the public and attracting attention wherever he goes. Our trendy tot of the week Ko Seung-jae is a mini dynamo who is constantly on the go and likes talking to everyone that he meets, even if he’s meeting them for the very first time.

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Seung-jae is on the show The Return of Superman with his dad, Go Ji-yong and they spend time together for 48 hours, while mum gets a break off from child rearing duties. It can be tough for his dad as this little one is always up to mischief.

Once while his dad went out for a short while this little monkey locked his dad out of the house and proceeded to make a mess around the house. Of course, when dad came back, he ran to his room and tried to his best to hide.

He seems to want to do everything but what his dad wants, which resulted in Ji-yong looking exasperated and out of energy at a photoshoot for mum.

One of the reasons why he’s a handful for his dad is because Seung-jae is very advanced for his age in terms of development. During a visit to a child psychologist when Seung-jae was just 27 months, he was assessed to use advanced vocabulary, expressions and sentences that are well beyond his age. According to the language intelligence test, he was assessed to be at the level of a 53-month-old child.

That’s also why he shows no fear in approaching other children and adults who are much older than him.

The cheeky little boy enjoys teasing his father too. Whenever he’s asked who he likes better, Seung-jae always says that it’s his mum. However when push comes to shove, he will turn to his dad for protection and hugs, melting Ji-yong’s heart in the process.

This adorable tot has quite the wardrobe and is always dressed stylishly whenever he’s out of the house, even it’s just to go to school.

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This is perhaps why both him and dad have starred in several photos shoots and commercials for brands such as Fila and magazines like Marie Claire.

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Like most little boys, Seung-jae’s favourite toys are trucks and dinosaurs.

Nothing makes this young one smile bigger than getting to eat ice cream, chocolate and jellies  He always makes a beeline for these items whenever he goes to a convenience store.

We’ll be expecting much from his smartypants as he grows up. For now we’re content to see him grow up and build a loving relationship with his dad on The Return of Superman.

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