Trendy Tot Tuesday: Jasmine Johnson

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By Samantha Jong
December 27, 2016

It takes a very special little girl to bring out Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson’s soft side, which is why his little one Jasmine is our trendy tot of the week.

The wrestler who first came to fame as part of WWE has shown a new side to him ever since he had his first child, and we have Jasmine to thank. Just look at the look in his eyes when is serenading his doe-eyed little one on her first birthday, who would have though that the big scary Rock could look so sweet.

But back to Jasmine, it’s not wonder this cutie is so well-loved. Even from birth, her huge eyes and little button nose were already prominent.

Love at its purest ❤️ Happy Valentines Day!

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More affectionately known as Jazzy, has stolen thousands, if not millions of hearts all around the world with her adorable antics and how she has got The Rock and her mum wrapped around those stubby fingers of hers.

Exhibit A: She is the only reason why we would have had the chance to see The Rock dressed as Pikachu, her favourite character,and she made him dance over and over, crying every time he stopped. Looking at her elated face when seeing Pikachu,we woudn’t be able to stop either.

Jasmine makes the cutest fall bunny, in her puffy coat, clear, round eyes and striped beanie with pompoms for ears in that huge pile of leaves.

???????❤️ #MunchkinsFirstFall #Boston #Home #MimiAndBopsLeaves

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Her favourite games include “drum time on Daddy’s big head” and “slap Daddy’s head till I can see his big scary face”, both which we find absolutely adorable. Especially when her dad was having a “serious conversation” with her and she pooped on his head.


The girly girl is often dressed in pink, purple and frills, with matching hair clips and hair ties.

Her ultimate power play – getting The Rock to change diapers on the plane of all places.

Whatever the future holds for little Jazzy, this is going to be one very well-protected gorgeous girl! Good luck future boyfriends!

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