Trendy Tot Tuesday: AJ Tien

Alex Junior (AJ) Tien may not live in Singapore, but he is a familiar name to many Singaporeans, thanks to his mama, Singaporean actress Yvonne Lim. Although he may be out of sight, he’s definitely not been out of mind, having graced many magazine covers in Singapore.

We first learnt about his impending arrival when Yvonne announced her then upcoming nuptials to former Taiwanese boy band member, Alex Tien — the kiddo was technically present at his parent’s wedding. When he finally greeted us outside the womb, the little one got us all cooing over him with his chubby cheeks and button nose.

Daddy's secret friend #YvonneLim

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We couldn’t help but go aww when we saw this photo of  him and his dad sleeping with their mouths open.

Woke up with this photo in my phone @yvonnelim928

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AJ seems to be a Lakers fan despite his young age, although we have to wonder if this is mummy or daddy’s doing.

Little Lakers @yvonnelim928

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It seems that the stars are aligned for him to become a superstar — his very first taste of the showbiz life came even before he turned one, when he was part of a photoshoot for local magazine, 8 Days.

Here’s another cover that he shot for recently, this time with daddy present too.

And tomorrow is hubs @alextien birthday! ?? Is the best birthday gift for him! Thanks I weekly for this lovely cover!! ??? We can't wait for baby 2 to join our family! ☺️??? Pls support by getting a copy! 请大家多多支持我们这个小家庭!????? @yverlastingyvonne #repost @iweeklymag with @repostapp ・・・ 【每周封面】i独家揭秘!幸福洋溢的漂亮孕妇林湘萍 @yvonnelim928,趁着欢庆两周年结婚纪念日之时,破天荒全家出动登上封面。肚中孕育的小宝宝,究竟是小公主还是小王子?答案,封面故事中自有揭晓。 外加《幻城》冯绍峰 @fengshaofeng1007、日本组合 AAA访问,生活版则带来今年10大最佳月饼特别专题、F1车手心水度假胜地等精彩内容。 怎能错过最新一期i周刊?即可下载电子版>> #coverstory #iWeekly #AAA #冯绍峰#Mooncakes #F1 #Joannepeh #kanghaneul #是时候揭秘 #weddinganniversary

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Mummy seems to think he has a natural talent for acting. Another one to add to the Mediacorp stable in the near future perhaps?

Then again, mummy probably does know best given the amount of time she spends with him.

Thanks to the more varied weather in Taiwan, he has been able to pull off the athleisure look — a Superman sweater and sneakers — without sweating it out like he would have here in Singapore.

Despite him being mostly in Taiwan, we think he’ll fit right back into Singapore should they ever move back, thanks to Mummy’s dedicated efforts of exposing him to all things Singaporean. He’s already familiar with our national day songs and most importantly, likes the taste of durian.

One of our favourite photos of him was when he was caught talking and playing with his panda playmate by mummy. Perhaps, he was preparing for the arrival of his new sibling as this was taken when Yvonne was in the last trimester of her second and recent pregnancy.

Thus far, sibling rivalry has yet to rear its ugly head as the cute toddler has shown us nothing but smiles since his baby sister Alexa was born.

Then again, perhaps it is because he’s been showered with attention by mummy’s friends Hong Hui Fang and Zoe Tay who flew over to give Yvonne support for her second delivery. Strict hospital rules in Taiwan meant that no one was allowed into the delivery room which meant that all the focus was transferred over to little AJ.

As is usual in Taiwan, Yvonne checked herself into a confinement centre for postpartum care. But she hasn’t neglected her little one. AJ has been kept busy with activities, and although we’re sure he misses mummy, we believe that he is well aware of the fact that she is in recovery. On a side note, doesn’t he look adorable with his chef’s hat on?

We’re sure that he’ll make a great older brother and we can’t wait to see he interact with Alexa.

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