Trendy Tot: Mazzy Chiu

She may be just two years old, but Mazzy Chiu already has her own cooking show, The Mazzy Show, and YouTube channel, which has 9,400 subscribers and counting. Not too shabby considering that she only started in February 2017.

Yay! My very own apron from Auntie @lyano and Uncle @beercandan ???love it!

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The Mazzy Show!

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This little one has shown herself to be handy in the kitchen. She’s not just there handing ingredients and tools to her parents as they cook. In fact, it’s the other way around. Her parents are the ones handing her what she needs as she mixes and pours what is needed. That said, for the more complicated parts, such as slicing, kneading and using the oven, mum, Ann, and dad, Alex, are at hand to help out.

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

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To date, she has shared with her viewers how to make a huge range of cuisines, covering everything from pizza and earl grey cookies to bbq pork buns and gyoza. She makes it look so easy too that even non-cooks will be tempted to try these recipes themselves. She even has guests hosts come on to co-host with her.

She’s not just following directives given by her parents either. In the videos, she introduces the ingredients that she uses for each recipe with much aplomb and jumps into action with no prompting from adults, grabbing each ingredient as needed.

Thanks to her cooking abilities, she has appeared on several other media within the US, including Right This Minute and KBOO community radio.

The Mazzy Show was featured on Right This Minute, the Viral Video Show. It aired on television today!

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Most recently, she made an appearance at CornCon 2k17, a convention for corn lovers, where she shared how to make hurricane popcorn.

Live taping of Hurricane Popcorn at CornCon 2k17! Thanks for the foto: @pennamiteplr

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Mazzy doesn’t just enjoy making food, she likes eating her creations too.

This week we are making Pigs in a Banket! . . . . #pigsinablanket #cookingshow #themazzyshow #mazzyshow #mazzy

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Coming soon…. Azuki Bean Push Pops.

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She enjoys dressing up as food too.

I'm a strawberry.

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She has a mischievous side to her too, getting into funny antics, such as sharing her ice cream with her Peppa Pig toys and using a banana as a phone.

Hello? Where you at?

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Found the Peppa Pig family enjoying a bowl of melted ice cream.

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Her favourite thing though is spending time with her parents, and it’s adorable to see how much they enjoy one another’s company, especially when it’s time to eat the goodies that they have created.

face painting with Moms

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Decorating for a surprise party dinosaur themed party!

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With such an aptitude for cooking and a clear love for food, we can’t wait to see what else Mazzy will show the world that she can cook.

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