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Transitioning Between Seasons With Extra Space Asia

Seasonal storage solutions with Extra Space Asia
Even in Singapore, transitioning between the hot, sunny season to the rainy season can be daunting with various clothing, equipment and especially if you have kids. Investing in a storage unit might prove advantageous. Photo Credit: Dan Gold on Unsplash
By Emma Lin
January 16, 2023

With travel back to relatively the norm and cool weather as well as rainy season setting in ever so often on our island, it’s no wonder that most of us have a myriad of items to suit every ‘season’. During the hot humid months, pools and beach toys are a must whereas when rainy season hits, portable parkas and rain boots make their debut. If your family often hit the wintery slopes, then where would you safely store all your clothing and equipment? 

Even as you start decluttering all the décor from the Christmas season and unpack those that you need as Chinese New Year is just around the corner, sourcing out ways to store these seasonal items and investing in a storage unit could be beneficial. Read on to find out more about storing seasonal items.

Store Items in Bags/Bins and Label Them

Mummyfique Sample July 2021
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Before you can fully figure out your storage needs, you need to get organised. Where do you start? Place all of your seasonal items in clear storage bags or bins. Using clear storage bins is beneficial as it allows you to see what’s inside without opening them., You can also choose how you want to label them use colour codes or specifically separate them accordingly to type, design, and more. 

Perhaps you’d rather store them in different coloured bags or bins to indicate which season they belong to. For example, a white bin to indicate winter jackets, boots, or ski equipment. As long as you create an organisational system that works well for you, that’s all that matters.

Choosing storage boxes of appropriate sizes will help with storing your items effectively. Photo Credit: Jaime Nugent on Unsplash

Source out Appropriate Vacuum-Sealed Bags, Bins or Boxes

Before purchasing storage bags, bins or boxes, try to estimate how much stuff you have for each season first. Vacuum-sealed bags are useful for ensuring that humidity doesn’t ruin your clothing and more valuable items. Purchase a range of sizes to suit your needs and ensure that your vacuum is in good working order to maximise the storage bags. As for bins, choose those that are of the same shape, size, and most importantly, stackable! It’s also a good idea to use the brick method when stacking your bins. Rather than placing one bin directly on top of another, think of it as a brick wall.

If all of the bins are uniform, then the brick method will work well. This method then allows you to easily pull one bin out of the wall without causing the other bins to fall. It also prevents you from having to take down several bins to reach the one you need.

Take Stock Before and After Each Use 

To ensure that you’re on top of your things, especially if they’ve been neatly packed away in a storage unit, then decluttering has to be done before and after each use. After each season and before you start placing your items in their bins, take inventory. What items did you actually use that season and which items went untouched? Do you plan to use those items again?

Have you purchased new seasonal items and the old ones are sitting in bins in storage? Take the time after each season is over to take inventory of that season’s items and declutter your bins. Get rid of anything you no longer use and free up some of that storage space.

Store in a Climate Controlled Environment 

Changes in weather are pretty unpredictable nowadays and extreme temperatures as well as humidity can cause damage to your more delicate items. Humidity, erratic temperatures, and other weather elements will not affect your weather-sensitive seasonal items when you store them in a climate-controlled environment. This is when investing in a climate-controlled storage unit comes into play. It’s the best way to not worry about the items taking up space inside your home or becoming damaged by natural weather elements.

Packing neatly and replacing items as how you found them saves you the hassle of rummaging through your stuff once again when you need them.Photo Credit: Sarah Brown on Unsplash

Replace Items How You Found Them

It is always tempting to just shove all your items into the bags and bins haphazardly straight after use because well, you would not be using them any time soon right? However, when the time comes to access those bins next season, you will be faced with a hot mess. Always take the extra time to fold and place items neatly as how you found them. You would be giving yourself a pat on the back when it is time to access your storage unit again. 

Explore Extra Space Asia’s storage spaces as you transition between this year and next! The friendly staff at Extra Space will be glad to assist you with any further enquiries. How to get a storage unit? Visit Extra Space Asia to get a quote or head down to their nearest storage facility near you. Simply fill in relevant documents to acknowledge the storage progress. Next, download the newly launched Yes! App to access your storage unit conveniently. Once you have organised your items to store, unload them into your chosen storage space! 

It’s interesting to note that Extra Space Asia is the pioneer self-storage company in Singapore to develop an app, Yes!, which allows you as customers to have an overview of your storage information, make payments on-the-go, as well as to earn points which can then be exchanged for a variety of digital vouchers and rewards.

Starting from only S$50 a month, enjoy more space at home by decluttering your wardrobe and storing your seasonal items at Extra Space Asia! Place down an enquiry via their website. For more details, visit Extra Space Asia Self Storage at