Tips For Choosing the Best Mattress For Your Kid

The bed is one of the places where your child spends most of the time on at home, after all, they should be getting at least eight hours a sleep a day or more. Thus they should sleep on a mattress that protects their growing body and free from any aches and pains the next day. Goh Tjoei Kok, buyer for Robinsons Bedshop, gives tips for parents who are looking to get the first mattress for their child.

What are some things parents should consider before they purchase a mattress for their child?

#1 Choose a store and brand you trust
• Look for a retailer who is able to provide you with the right information, attention and with a good range of mattresses available.
• Start with a brand you can trust. You need to be confident and feel assured about the quality of the product that you buy, so pick what you know has a solid reputation amongst customers.
• Talk to your friends with children to get their feedback on the mattress that their kids use. With the positives and negatives they tell you, you’ll be able to shortlist brands to consider.

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#2 Have a budget in mind
• This will help you shortlist the brands and range of mattresses that best work, allowing you to make a quicker decision of which mattress to purchase.

#3 Know the size and height of your child’s bed
For young child, given their small size, a single sized bed is usually the option that most parents go for. However, you should also consider if your child sleeps with many soft toys on their bed or if they need you to sleep with them when they are scared. These may warrant you to opt for a bigger bed for your little one. Don’t forget to also take the size of your child’s room into consideration as they will need walking space in their room.

What are the differences in the various types of mattresses available?

Mattresses can be categorised into three types: spring; non-spring such as memory foam, latex and foam; and hybrid. Here are the characteristics of each type:

Spring Mattresses
– The most common and popular type of mattresses in Singapore.
– It provides excellent support and is extremely durable, which makes them a good investment for long-term use.
– There are many brands available in the market and they come in a wide range of prices.
– A wide variety of materials can be added to the mattress, including pillow, latex and memory foam, to custom the comfort level of the mattress for your child.

Memory Foam Mattresses
– It comprises layers of memory foam that are of different densities and respond well to body weight and temperature.
– It supports, contours and conforms to the shape of the body, which people say offers extra comfort as the mattress conforms to the body even as you shift through the night.
– It comes with removable cover for easy cleaning, useful for the times when your child spills a drink or accidentally wets the bed.
– It tends to be warmer than a spring mattress.

Hybrid Mattresses
– It combines the best of spring and memory foam mattresses to give you the best of both worlds.
– It is made of memory foam layers reinforced with an innerspring system.

Is there a best type of mattress for children and what should parents look out for when purchasing a mattress for their kids?

There is no one best mattress for all kids as every child’s physique is different, and the firmness that you should get often depends on their sleeping style, body type and weight. However, what matters most is that your child is comfortable with the mattress that they have.

As a general guideline though, here’s what you can do to see that the mattress is firm enough for your child. When lying down, your child should be able to lay flat with uniform support and contact with the mattress surface. Your child’s body weight should be distributed evenly on a mattress – this maintains the normal curvature and alleviates the spine from any unnecessary stress.

If there are gaps between the body and surface of your mattress, this means the child is not getting the full support required from their mattress and this will eventually lead to sore back and joint pains when they wake up the next morning.

The needs that your child has from their mattress will evolve as they grow older, hence the mattress should be changed every few years. Though it may seem like a good idea, avoid passing down your old mattress to your child. This is because an old mattress often contains dust mites and fungi that can cause allergies or trigger asthma attacks.

Personally, I would advise selecting a more durable mattress for children as they tend to enjoy jumping on their bed, though doing this is not recommended as it may void its warranty.

Should I get my child to test the mattress before we purchase it?

Definitely, especially if they are slightly older and can verbalise their thoughts. Let your child try on the mattresses for about 15 minutes by lying on it in his or her normal sleeping position. Ask them to try out several mattresses that you are considering to get from them and ask them which one they feel the most comfortable on. You should also keep your eye out for a mattress that will offer your child good support. If in doubt, get a trained consultant who is able to guide you through the process of identifying a mattress that will give your child sufficient back support.

What is the typical lifespan of a mattress and what best practices should be carried out to lengthen its lifespan?

For an adult mattress, the lifespan ranged from eight to 12 years. It’s much shorter for children though as children usually play and jump on their bed, making it more susceptible to wear and tear. To prolong a mattress’ lifespan, consider using a mattress protector.

It’s time to change your child’s mattress when you see him or her ‘sinking’ into the mattress as this means that it is not giving your child adequate support. You should also look into changing your child’s mattress every few years as the requirements of a mattress change with the development of a child.


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