Because You Need A Spa Day, Mummy!

Fall in love with taking care of yourself - mind, body and spirit.

Take off your shoes (and robe) and be blissful.

Let’s face it, whether we head to the workplace every day or stay home with the kiddos; we all are essentially working our little hineys off. I don’t care what people say about positive living; if you’re stressed and tired, you’re going to feel that in your muscles (and bones) and feeling positive at that point can be a bit much to ask for. So do yourself a favour, take a time-out, and get pampered! Mummyfique rounds up some pretty awesome treatments for you because; Happy Mum, Happy Home.


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La Source Singapore

La Harmonizer $208

Extensive travel and exposure to environmental pollutants and allergen can lead to congested sinuses and puffiness. La Harmonizer extracts impurities built up from daily environmental exposure and incorporates lymphatic drainage massage techniques to stimulate blood circulation to aid in the decongestion of blocked nasal and sinus passages. The result is well-balanced revitalised skin. Duration: 75 minutes

La Rejuvenation $138

Alleviate your tired body with La rejuvenation. La Source’s signature deep tissue massage is both restorative and age-defying. Ideal after a long day of strenuous exercise to soothe tired muscles and joints, sink into relaxation with slow deep strokes that releases tension in the deep layers of muscle and connective tissue. Combined with lymphatic drainage, leave with a refreshed body and a more youthful and elastic skin tone. Duration: 60 minutes

Quote “PERFECT10MMF” when you book a La Source star treatment and pay just $100 and receive a complimentary gift too. Only for the month of October so get a move on!


Beauty Mums & Babies

Manual Lymphatic Massage $169.00

This is a customized massage that helps to relieve stress and tension in your muscles. It improves your circulation by ensuring your skin and organs get more oxygen and excess fluid is removed through your lymphatic system.

Gentle strokes help your body to digest its food and get rid of toxins, helping you to sleep better at night. Firm strokes on certain areas like lower back and upper shoulders help to loosen any tense muscles, soothe aches and sprains and encourage the skin to heal from minor abrasions. Duration: 60mins




Ultimate Hammam Ritual $400

A total body experience that caresses your skin, revitalises your body and calms your mind. This traditional experience starts by deeply cleansing the skin with a revitalising body scrub, followed by a full body foam massage, a nourishing marine mud body mask with aromatic oils of Sweet Orange and Rose Geranium and finishes with a refreshing hair cleanse and hydrating conditioning hair treatment. Duration: 120 mins


Foam massage
Hair wash and conditioning treatment
Mud body mask
Body cleanse
ESPA signature massage


NU.Reflections Face & Body Clinic

Magic Drops Facetherapy $300

A fully customizable facial therapy that allows you to achieve your desired effect after just one treatment. Duration: 90 mins

Revive Care

Suitable for sensitive, aging and normal skin types
Intensively replenish moisture
Soothes irritated skin
Immunity booster for skin
Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle
Improves skin elasticity and stimulates collagen production

Double cleanse aromatherapy
Water dermabrasion
Magic drops serum infusion
Moist serum penetration
Soft mask


Asian Wellness Spa

Total Lifestyle Environment $483++

At the end of your spa experience, we welcome you to explore and enjoy the Total Lifestyle Environment of our Lifestyle Podium at Level 6.

Here you will find our private Male and Female Onsen Relaxation Gardens with invigorating cold plunges, Jacuzzi loungers and warm, relaxing magnesium mineral pools.

In the midst of our Palm Garden, experience our Water Park which includes the Reflexology Walk, our Olympic size swimming pool and in-pool Jacuzzi loungers. Duration: 5hrs 40mins


Check in & Pre Consultation
Renewal Workout (Personal Training)
Recovery at Total Lifestyle Environment
Renewal Meal (Dietician Pre-Prescribed Meal for Renewal) Renewal Facial
Renewal Body Scrub & Massage
Post Consultation


Mummies, we think you deserve a good pampering. 

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