Seven #Fitspo Mums To Follow

Fitspo mums are the new IT mums and thanks to Instagram, we have front row access to these mums located around the world who are providing ‘fitspiration’ whether they are a size zero or size 10, and whether their poison is yoga, dance, weights, CrossFit or plain ol’ running. If you still have a little bun baking in the oven, are newly post-partum, or have simply decided that today is the day to work out, here are seven mums who might just motivate you to get started:

1. Sarah Stage @sarahstage

#tbt to 9 months Prego. ?? Still not sure how James fit in there but women's bodies are truly incredible! #38weeks

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Known as the pregnant body that shocked the world, lingerie model Sarah Stage premiered her 38 weeks pregnant selfie in a post that instantly went viral and had doctors and detractors alike weighing in on what many felt was a lack of a significant bump. Sarah, a longtime fitness junkie, explained that she was a gym bunny way before she was pregnant and continued to work out during her pregnancy. She further silenced the haters by giving birth to a healthy nearly 4kg baby! Since then, her fitness regimes and workout tips have been worshipped by legions of women.

2. Laura Sykora @laurasykora.

Exercise can and should be fun and if Laura Sykora’s Instagrams are anything to go by, the yoga instructor certainly has a ball of a time sweating it out! The New Jersey-based mum takes great pleasure in exercising and executing yoga poses, sometimes with her daughter! Their mother-daughter matchy outfits lend extra bonus points to the awe-worthy Instagram feed. With almost 20 years of practise in yoga, the svelte Mother-of-two will provide serious inspiration for you to recreate her shots with your minis.

3. Rachel Graham @losinggravity

January 2014 vs September 2016. I took the picture on the left as a "before" picture after being shocked when I stepped on the scale to see that number after not having weighed myself for a while. I had just had two early miscarriages (a few months apart) and was extremely depressed. I vowed to myself to make a change. To change my lifestyle. For "real" this time. No more gimmicks, fad diets.. I had tried SO many over the years. I started eating healthier, lost a smidge of weight (7lb or so) and got pregnant with my second son. Got up to 245lb while pregnant. After giving birth I got down to 217ish, but within 6 months postpartum was back at 230lb (June 2015). Just a bit of a recap! Healthy food, exercise. No secrets. No gimmicks. No "quick fixes"!

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Living proof that fitness and weight loss need not be an instantaneous journey, the world is loving Rachel Graham for her honest and authentic posts. The mum-of-two shared a picture of herself in January 2014 vs one of her in September 2016 and the post soon went viral. Even celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and George Takei weighed in on her incredible journey where she lost over 40kg. Rachel suffered two early miscarriages and was depressed before she decided to make a lifestyle change. Her tips include: “No gimmicks, no secrets or fad diets, just exercise and healthy food”.

4. Brittany Danielle @crazycurvy_yoga

I'm gonna teach this kiddo to be a bad ass yogi someday!

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Brittany Danielle is a 200-hr Certified Yoga Instructor who specialises in teaching curvy, body positive yoga. Since early childhood Brittany has battled with a binge-eating disorder, obesity, depression and negative body image issues, making her subsequent transition to fitness and yoga all the more sweet for the mum-of-two. Brittany credits her kids as her reason to become more active and healthy for herself and them. The 28-year-old ‘plus-size’ yogi is a motivation and inspiration to women of all shapes and sizes and actively helps others find a new way of living life without limitations.

5. Ashley Campos @getfitwithashley_

When I look at this picture.. you know what I see? A beautiful, happy baby boy, and his happy, confident mother ❤️ And you know what.. it's EFFIN great to look at this picture and see that. Especially because when Kayleigh was smaller, I wasn't this happy or confident with myself. I actually hated how much I let myself go and had the worst self esteem. And like I said in my previous post, we are our own worst critics. It's great to not feel ashamed, or embarrassed to be in pictures with my kids. Like I honestly can't tell you how FREEING that is. As silly as it may sound.. it's the truth ❤️ Although losing the weight was hard, it was the best thing I've done for myself and my family and if I had to do it all over {even though I have NO intentions on gaining 80 lbs back ?}, I totally would do it all over. This healthy & fit lifestyle is the one for me, because I've never felt better than I do today ❤️ #MomLife

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Army veteran and wife Ashley Campos’s Instagram is full of inspirational posts motivating others to get started on fitness. The sweet-faced mother-of-two, who is currently based in Texas, believes that the key to getting fit is just showing up and getting your workout done. A fan of tattoos, Ashley sports a left arm covered with tattoos and regularly shares nuggets of her sometimes trying weight-loss journey on #WeightlossWednesdays.

6. Melissa Kolbeck @melkolbeck

Ballerina Melissa Kolbeck shares that ballet taught her to be obsessive about her body for most of her life. It wasn’t until 2011 that she took a step back from intense ballet training to heal herself mentally and emotionally that she truly started to enjoy exercising. The mum-of-one created the Ballet Body Bootcamp to uplift women through her fitness programmes which all have an element of dance in them. Melissa now runs a successful website where thousands benefit from her trainings and workouts.

7. Jaime Teo @jmeteo

The former beauty queen, actress and successful entrepreneur started exercising two years ago after a Zumba workout caused her to feel less than fit. Since then, the 39-year-old Singaporean founder of cupcakes chain Twelve Cupcakes has been regularly posting cardio workout videos with her daughter Renee running and hopping around in the background. Like many of us, Jaime agrees that getting started is always the hardest and once you’ve taken that first step to commence your road to fitness, the results will have you pushing yourself to achieve more.

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