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Mummyfique’s chief marketing mummy Gidania Wong was at a loss when she found out that her son suffered from extremely sensitive skin. Having heard of Jo Lauren, a non-steroid line created by Jolene Liow to aid eczema rashes in babies, she promptly went to get her hands on the brand’s Miracle Balm to see if it could help soothe her poor child’s skin. 

“I was pretty hardy as a baby, according to my mother, who raised me like a tomboy. My older sister tried to topple me out of my yao lan (baby hammock) and whacked me on the head with a ladle when I was only a month old. So things like sensitive skin, sinus, nappy rash and allergies were not something my family and I were familiar with. However, when I had my son, I quickly discovered that my little one has extremely sensitive skin! I read and heard from other parents how eczema and skin sensitivity seem to affect several millennial babies but I was still at a loss when it happened to my baby. He seemed to develop heat rash rather easily, would turn red thanks to milk stains on his face every day and had, horror of horrors — a nasty case of cradle cap!

As such, I looked out for organic products and products without preservatives, parabens, PEGS, glycols, artificial fragrances, dyes and chemicals (what a mouthful!). Never did I think I would become such an intent label-reader till I became a mum! I was told by well-meaning friends that the first thing in my arsenal of baby products should be a good nappy balm.

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I discovered Jo Lauren, a niche locally formulated skincare brand that checked all the boxes I had in mind. I liked the back story that the creator, Jolene Liow, conceptualised and formulated the brand with her daughter Lauren in mind. Designed for sensitive baby skin and to treat baby eczema, atopic dermatitis, and rashes, Jo Lauren’s Miracle Balm is an all-in-one balm that helps to repair & restore baby’s skin’s natural barrier. Providing intensive moisturising, it aims to smooth out dry and rough patches on baby’s skin.

Made with USDA certified organic ingredients and no toxins, the balm contains sunflower seed oil, beeswax, calendula extract, plaintain leaves extract, elderberry extract, lavender oil and tea tree oil. Priced at $15.90 for 20 grams, this small tube has quickly become my must-have item for my son. I apply it generously to the diaper area with each change and at times, roll it over dry spots to calm the angry patch. Since it’s made of 100% oil and no water, the balm rolls onto skin easily but may be a little oily for some. I like that it’s stronger than creams or lotions and not pasty or hard to clean off.

With prolonged usage, my son’s nappy area has become less sensitive and dry and currently, no flare-ups have happened yet. I keep a Miracle Balm in my diaper bag when I’m out and about with Zyah, as well as a healthy stash at home to use on him.

In cases where eczema is caused by the skin barrier being damaged, I would say that the Miracle Balm will come in handy. However, it is important to note that many factors including dietary allergies, environmental sensitivity and even genetics contribute to eczema so it’s advisable to seek professional consultation if your child’s condition does not improve.

4 Fiques

+ Good size to carry around

+ Good value for money

+ Able to heal naturally, without chemicals and steroids

+ No funky artificial fragrances

To find out more about Jo Lauren, you read read our interview with its founder Jolene Liow here.

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