Recipe: Immunity Boosting Chicken Fillet Salad With Quinoa And Yoghurt Sauce

Make this delicious and immunity boosting dish for your little ones, which is full of essential nutrients like vitamins A, D and E that help keep the body’s immune system functioning at an optimum level, vitamin C that helps supports the body’s immune responses during infections such as cold and flu, and the mineral Zinc, which is crucial for the normal development and function of immune cells.

Co-created by Ms. Chua Kay Tse, Blackmores Naturopath Health Educator and Senior Training Manager Singapore, and  Chef Giuseppe D’Angelo, Brand Chef of CulinaryOn and former Junior Masterchef Russia judge, both chicken and quinoa contain healthy amounts of zinc, while quinoa adds a good mix of vitamins A & E. Additionally, Quail eggs are a good source of vitamin D and the healthy greens provide adequate amount of vitamin C.

45g Quinoa
5g Sea Salt
10g Butter
480g Chicken fillet
4g Black pepper ground
10g Garlic
40ml Miso paste
60g Olive oil
200g Whole Milk Plain Yoghurt
4ml Worchester sauce
20g Dijon mustard
10g Lime juice
20g Olive Oil
120g Salad mix
60g Cherry Tomatoes
5g Cress Salad (microgreens)
5g Fresh dill
8pcs Quail egg

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Cooking the Quinoa

1.     Put quinoa into boiling water

2.     Add olive oil and sea salt

a.     Cook for 20 min on medium heat

3.     Drain the quinoa, and rinse with cold water

4.     Slightly fry with butter

Preparing the Dish

1.     Season chicken fillet with sea salt and spices, rub with garlic

2.     Fry in olive oil till golden

3.     Pour with miso paste dissolved in a bit of water and fry once again

4.     Cut the fillet into 1 cm slices

5.     Combine yoghurt, Worchester sauce, lime juice, Dijon mustard, chopped dill and olive oil in a bowl and mix together.

6.     Add the mixture to the salad and stir

7.     Boil quail eggs for 2 minutes

8.     Lay out salad mix on a plate

9.     Put quinoa on top, and lay out the chicken slices on the side of the plate

10.   Decorate with halves of cherry tomatoes

11.   Add halves of quail eggs and cress salad


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