Recipe: Diabetic-Friendly Seafood Black Rice

Head Chef Victor Loy of Plentyfull shares a diabetic-friendly recipe using fresh ingredients that anyone can make at home.

For shellfish stock
• 500g Flower crab
• 500g Prawn Head
• 100g Tomato paste
• 100g Carrot
• 100g Fennel
• 100g Onion
• 50g Garlic
• 30g Kombu
• 200ml White wine
• 5g Coriander seed
• 2g Black peppercorn
• 5g Thyme
• 2g Bay leaf
• 2000ml Water

For the rice
• 80g Black Rice
• 30g Shallot
• 10g Garlic
• 90g Prawn
• 60g Scallops
• 150g Mussels
• 500 g Shellfish stock
• 50g Cherry tomatoes
• 50 ml Olive oil
• 2 g Bay leaf

For Garniture
• 10g Red Radish
• 5g Pea Sprouts

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To prepare the Stock:

1. Bake the flower crab & prawn head shell for a good 45 minutes at 160 degrees.
2. On another pot, sweat carrot, fennel, onion, and garlic in olive oil in low heat.
3. Pour in the baked crab & prawn shell, and continue sweating the mixture.
4. Add in the tomato paste and sweat till it caramelized. Deglaze with white wine.
5. Pour in the water after wine has been reduced to half the portion.
6. Lower heat to low and skim off the floated scum.
7. Once all scums have been removed, add in kombu, herbs and the spices.
8. Let stock cook for 2 hours at low heat, simmering.
9. Strain out the stock after and place in another pot.
10. Reduce the stock until 1/3 left. Keep refrigerated for 3 days or frozen for a month.

 To prepare the Rice:
1. Heat up a pan on medium heat with olive oil.
2. Pan fry the prawn & the scallops till half cook then removed them to another tray.
3. Add in the black rice, bay leaf, shallots & garlic to sweat.
4. Deglaze with the stock into the pan of rice.
5. Keep stirring the rice every 5 minutes and keep putting in the stock bit by bit.
6. Taste from time to time to check on the texture of the rice. The black rice takes up water nearly 2 times more than white rice.
7. Once its 90% cooked, place in the tomatoes, mussels and half cooked seafood back into the pan with rice and cover.
8. You can finish the dish in the pan itself or put it in a 200 degrees oven for a good 15 minutes.
9. You can garnish with disc of radish & pea sprouts. You could even serve with lemon wedge if needed.


1. As black rice is breaks down slower than white rice, it would absorb more water & time in order to cook.
2. It is proven to taste better if you do it in the pan, so all the flavours of the season are reinforced into the rice. Alternatively, you can steam it all together in a rice cooking, not a steam.

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