Real Mums Share CNY Survival Tips

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By Samantha Jong
January 25, 2017

Chinese New Year is a time for family and friends, festivities and feasting. But what if you have rumbunctious young ones in tow? These mamas share their tips for surviving the CNY period.

Extras of everything

Pack an extra set of Chinese New Year clothing, load up on the wet wipes and tissue paper, and buy healthier beverages and snacks for your little ones (preferably without a high sugar content).

Zeon, mum of three-year-old Zac and 18-month-old Zeph

Watch out for overzealous relatives

Constantly keep a lookout for relatives who think you aren’t feeding your child enough and give them unhealthy snacks and sweets without asking you first!

Rosalind, mum of two-year-old Royce

When it’s time to sleep, it’s time to sleep 

"Alright, who wants a popsicle?" ??‍♂️#CoenXie #ZoeXie #ZoeXCoen

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Schedule visits around nap time — it’s important to let kids nap so that they don’t get extremely cranky during dinner time. Plan your day in a way where you will always be home after lunch for the little ones to take a two-hour nap before continuing. If you have a child whose bedtime may clash while you’re out visiting, shower them after their afternoon nap and bring their pyjamas along. That way, you can change them and tuck them into their carrier without messing up their sleeping pattern, plus, you’d be able to stay longer while visiting as well!

– Jayme, mum of two-year-old Zoe and nine-month-old Coen

Keep baby clean and cool

Always head out with a fresh diaper to hopefully avoid any major crying scenes. Also, a fan or baby blanket will always come in handy, they can help keep your bub cool, cosy or calm.

Cindy, mum of five-month-old Chriselle

A fed baby is a happy baby

For infants and toddlers, make sure you feed them just before leaving the house regardless of whether they are hungry or not. It makes them less grumpy and more cooperative for some reason.

May, mum of six-year-old Ryan and two-year-old Ryo