Pregnancy By The Month: Month 7

You’re now entering the last trimester of your pregnancy. You’re nearly there so persevere; you’ll see your little one in the flesh soon.

Week 28

Baby updates

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Your baby is the size of a Chinese cabbage.

He has eyelashes and can blink. He’s also able to detect light that is filtered into the womb.

Mummy updates

Don’t forget to visit your doctor once every two weeks for regular check-ups for you and baby.

You may also experience restless leg syndrome where you will have the urge to move your lower limbs while trying to relax or sleep. It’s a common condition among pregnant women, but do check with your doctor if it concerns you.

Week 29

Baby updates

Your baby is the size of butternut squash.

Her head is continuing to grow to accommodate her growing brain, and her muscles and lungs are continuing to mature.

Mummy updates

Drink up and eat food that contains lots of protein, vitamin C, folic acid, iron and calcium. Your baby is developing at a rate where you’ll need plenty of nutrients to supplement her growth.

As the pregnancy hormone relaxes smooth muscle tissue throughout your body, including your gastrointestinal tract. With slowed down digestion, you may experience gas, heartburn and constipation.

Haemorrhoids may also occur in your rectal area, but these will clear up after you give birth.

Week 30

Baby updates

Your baby is the size of a head of cabbage.

His eyesight is still slightly weak and he’ll probably still have his eyes shut when he comes out of the womb.

Mummy updates

Tiredness is definitely starting to set in again, so do try to get as much rest as possible. You may feel clumsier and find that your feet size has increased – you might need new footwear.

If you find yourself being rather emotional, do talk to someone about it and not keep bottled up inside.

Week 31

Baby updates

Your baby has the same weight as four navel oranges.

She’s looking significantly larger than before and she can turn her head from side to side. She’s also more active and you may have your sleep disturbed by her constant movements.

Mummy updates

You may feel contractions now, but if they are irregular, they are likely to be Braxton Hicks contractions. However if they happen regularly, it may be a sign of preterm labour.

You may also find your breasts leaking milk and may need nursing pads to stop any awkward moments.


The above information is courtesy of NUH Women’s Centre. For more information on your growing baby, click here. Do note that every baby develops differently and this is a general guide to your baby’s growth. If you have any concerns, please speak more to your doctor.

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