Pregnancy By The Month: Month 6

Week 23

Baby updates

Your baby is the size of an eggplant.

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Your baby’s sense of movement is well developed by now. She can feel when you are moving and you might be able to see her squirm under your clothes. Her sense of hearing is also better developed, while the blood vessels in her lungs will help prepare her for breathing.

Mummy updates

Your ankles are likely to have started swelling, especially at the end of the day, due to sluggish circulation and water retention. Don’t panic as you will be rid of the extra fluid after you deliver. Contrary to popular belief, drinking more water actually prevents water retention, so drink up during your pregnancy. Wearing support stockings can help too.

Week 24

Baby updates

Your baby is the length of a ear of corn.

He will look rather lean at this point, but he’ll fill out over the next few week. His skin is translucent at this stage, but it will change before he meets you. His brain is growing quickly and tastebuds are starting to develop.

Mummy updates

Your bump should be around the size of a soccer ball. Your doctor should be asking you to take a glucose screening test to detect if you may have gestational diabetes.

Week 25

Baby updates

Your baby is the size of a small pumpkin.

She’s slowly but surely growing into her body.

Mummy updates

One of the many good changes your body experiences is that your locks may look more full and lustrous than before. This only lasts for as long as your pregnancy though.

Anemia tests are also advised at this stage to ensure that you don’t have an iron deficiency.

Week 26

Baby updates

Your baby is the length of a zucchini.

His ears are more fully developed and he’s able to hear you and your partner making conversation. He’s also breathing in and exhaling amniotic fluid, which will help with the development of her lungs and help her to take in her first breath of air when she is born.

Mummy updates

Your blood pressure should be slightly higher than before, though it would generally be lower than before you got pregnancy.

Suffering from lower backaches is not uncommon as your uterus is growing and your centre of gravity would have shifted. With more weight to carry, your muscles and joints would be more stressed. Once way to combat the aches and joints would be to use a hot compress or take a hot bath. Try to maintain good posture and avoid bending and standing for too long.

Week 27

Baby updates

Your baby is the weight of a head of cauliflower.

She now sleeps and wakes at regular intervals, opening and closing her eyes at the right time, and her brain is very active at now. Though her lungs are not fully developed yet, they are able to functioning is she were to be born prematurely now. Your baby may also experience hiccups that will cause you to feel small rhythmic movements.

Mummy updates

Leg cramps might occur more frequently now, especially during the night. Try stretching your calf muscles by straightening your legs and flexing your toes to relieve yourself of the pain.


The above information is courtesy of NUH Women’s Centre. For more information on your growing baby, click here. Do note that every baby develops differently and this is a general guide to your baby’s growth. If you have any concerns, please speak more to your doctor.

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