Post-pregnancy Skin Concerns

Lots of mothers-to-be worry about the changes their skin goes through during pregnancy. But once the baby is born, how your skin is doing is often the last thing on the mind.

That said, you really shouldn’t neglect your skin post-pregnancy as post-pregnancy hormones can rear their ugly heads, affecting your skin in negative ways.

Here are some common skin issues that affect mothers, sometimes even well after childbirth.

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Spot blotchy areas of darkened skin on your body? It’s caused by the hormonal changes during pregnancy that stimulate an increase in your body’s melanin production. It shows up on the face, hence is sometimes called the ‘mask of pregnancy’ and other parts of the body that are often exposed to the sun’s UV rays. The best prevention method? Slap on lots of sunblock.

Spider Angiomas
The high oestrogen levels during pregnancy and increased blood circulation can lead to the obvious appearance of spidery veins that branch out on the face, chest, and occasionally the arms and belly. Over time, the spider veins do disappear but they have been known to linger even six months post-pregnancy. Meanwhile, concealer might be your best friend in disguising them.

If you thought that your acne pains were done after puberty, the unfortunate news is that they do come back to haunt you again, thanks to the hormonal changes your body goes through. It primarily affects the lower area of the face and neck and tends to go away in time.

Dark, Puffy Eyes
Sleepless nights when you first get home from the hospital contribute towards your growing eye bags, but the leftover pregnancy fluids in your body that cause discolouration and make eyes swell don’t help either. Rest and eye creams will help, as well as cold compresses or cold tea bags placed over your eyes.

Flaky, dry skin
High oestrogen levels during pregnancy that drop after childbirth lead to skin that is drier and less supple post-pregnancy, particularly on the soles of your feet. Like all conditions that are caused by hormones, this too shall pass and in the meantime, moisturisers will help.

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