New Scheme to Support Mothers Re-entering The Workforce

If you are a mum who has taken a break from work to care for their little one, we have some good news. A new programme, Career Re:Launch Programme, was launched yesterday (16 August 2017) for mummies who are keen to return to executive and managerial positions after leaving the workforce for a period of time.

Here’s what you need to know about Career Re:Launch:

1. It’s created by an organisation who has had seven years of experience supporting mothers re-entering the workforce

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The programme is the brainchild of Career Navigators, which was started by [email protected] founder Sher-Li Torrey who has been a strong advocate of getting more employers to engage mother in the workplace. Her and her team have a good understanding of the challenges that women face when reentering the workforce and thus, have come up with a programme that will help with overcoming these obstacles.

2. It supports both employers and employees

It takes two hands to clap, and Career Navigators is keenly aware of this, hence part of the programme is to provide companies with the tools and resources to help them be better equipped to include and integrate women who are returning to the work force. These are tools that won’t just help ease the re-hiring of mothers who have left the workforce; they would be applicable to those who are returning after a sabbatical too, says Sher-Li.

The programme will also equip and update women with the skills that they will require in today’s modern workplace. There will be Skills Refresher modules that will focus on the latest technology, business landscape and change management to bring participants up to speed with current work trends. There will also be Reverse Mentorship component, where participants will be assigned a younger mentor to help ease her reintegration into the workforce.

3. There will be two runs of the programme, with a target of 12 employees per run

The first run of the programme starts in October and the second in January 2018, and each run lasts for 12 weeks. It is open to Singaporeans aged 30 and above, who has not been working for two years and have at least a diploma qualification. Applications open from August 21 for both individuals and interested employees. To sign or for more information, visit


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