Mums Share: My Favourite Mother’s Day Memories

Mother’s Day is the day that we appreciate our mums for all that they do for us. This Mother’s Day, we got mummies to share with us their favourite Mother’s Day and motherhood memories.

Rosalind Lee, mum-of-two

“Definitely the first handmade card Royce and my hubby made for me in 2016. The moment Royce handed it to me when I got home from work almost made me tear up. Although it was just a simple card that Royce’s dad helped him with, I was deeply moved by the fact that it was the first handmade card I ever received from Royce.”

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(Rosalind just welcomed baby number two, Ryo, into the family. Congratulations!)

Diana Chung, mum-of-one

“Nobody ever said motherhood was easy and though I haven’t had a most memorable Mother’s Day moment yet, having my life filled with sleepless nights, peekaboo moments, big belly laughs, caterpillars on the edge of the bed, finger body painting, stubbed toes and gapped toothed grins are all my favourite moments. Motherhood has made life more colourful than I ever knew it could be. They say ‘becoming a mom, is watching your heart walk outside of your body’ and I couldn’t agree more! This is an experience only a mother would understand.”

#mothersday2017 gift this year is something so special because it's not just about giving anymore. there's so much to learn this year , that we count our blessings for and it's all here. #mommy must thank U baby, because u made this day special for me from this year onwards, u made me a proud mommy! Thank you for teaching me sooo many things I tot was impossible. To take charge of the growth of a little human , to appreciate the little things (like even pees ?and pooop ? …and i'm not joking ?), and fearless to what may come (i will catch spiders ? and cockroaches that comes ur way WITH MY BARE HANDS EVEN ?? , while i used to run miles away at the sight of one??‍♀️?????). i keep telling everyone how i lost my personal life and sanity, but I will still choose my life with u, and my only not have your earlier ?. They say becoming a Mummy is watching your ❤️ heart walk outside your really, Happy Mother's Day too all mummies?. PS: ESPECIALLY TO THE PHOTOBOMBING MUMMY ? . . . . . . . . . #mommydiaries #cutekidzz #cute.bebee #Justbaby #babyhumour #sgbabies #instababies #momswithcameras #sgkids #igkiddies #iphonography #happymummy #sg #igsg #mommy #sg #sgbaby #momlife #babiesofinstagram #cutebaby #30weeks #week30 #babygirl #momswithcameras #babiesofsg #momblogger

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Joanne Shuck, mum-of-two

“My most memorable Mother’s Day was when we celebrated it as a family in Bali in 2015. We started the day with a mini road trip to catch the best sights around the area that we were staying at, before heading back to our villa for a BBQ feast to commemorate Mother’s Day. It was all planned by my husband and my brother for my mum and I. For once, I was not involved in the planning of a family party, and it felt really great to sit back with nothing to do except pig out and have fun!”

Can we fast forward to the weekend please ?

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Cara Palairet, mum-of-one

“For my first Mother’s Day, my son was only about four months old, and my husband made a slideshow of the most memorable moments on our parenting journey up till then. The message on the slideshow was written from the point of view of my little son — it was hilarious and the sweetest thing ever!”

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Melissa Tan, mum-of-one

“My daughter was two-and-a-half when she heard about Mother’s Day in school. While she didn’t have the slightest idea what it was really about, she couldn’t wait to show me the cookie and card she had made with her teachers that day. Those eager eyes and beaming smile was the best gift I could ever ask for!”

Shermaine Goh, mum-of-one

This year is actually going to be my first actual Mother’s Day as I was expecting last year. At that time there was a special brewing feeling within me, one of anticipation and a bit of fear as I knew that the days ahead would be different, filled with joy and sleepless nights, and that I would cherish them.”


Kellyn Shiau, mum-of-one

“It was the very first time I received a Mother’s Day card from my then three-year-old son. That made me realise how quickly my little baby had grown up. He said, ‘I love you Mummy’ and presented me with the card. On it, he drew a picture of our family with happy faces and decorated it with stamped roses in red and yellow paint. It was simple, nothing expensive, but it reminded me of how blessed and thankful we should be for the simple joys in life.”


Day out with the kiddo on Founder's day. Can't wait to spend more time with him! ?#throwback

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Libby Soh, mum-of-one

“It would have to be the year my husband bought a SMEG fridge to surprise me. Once I got it, I went crazy transferring all my frozen goods, trying to get rid of the old one. That was really a hilarious and unforgettable scene!”

Lynn Toh, mum-of-two

“At church, the teachers got them to work on craft flowers for their mums for Mother’s Day. Natalie insisted on making two — one for mama and one for dada. Which then got me thinking, my super husband should be celebrating Mother’s Day too, seeing as he does everything I do for the girls, minus the feeding!”

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