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Mums Review: STRIP’s Rosebud Vajuvenation

STRIP’s Rosebud Vajuvenation is non-invasive, safe and comfortable with no downtime. It's perfect for giving your vulva some tender loving care.
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By Emma Lin
June 22, 2022

Thanks to STRIP’s Rosebud Vajuvenation, lifting, tightening and improving the overall health of your vulva’s skin has never been easier. Using a unique Thermal O2 technology that combines radio frequency, gentle suction, and heat, paired with STRIP’s proprietary technique, this treatment speeds up and aids your body’s natural collagen production from deep within the dermis layer, restoring radiance to your skin while strengthening the elastin fibres and firming up the skin from within thus achieving a visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines! Here are three mums’ experience of this revolutionary treatment. 

Michelle Khoo

Michelle Khoo is a mummy of a boy-girl twin and baby boy. She works full-time as a manager and used to do kickboxing regularly. Michelle keeps herself active running occasionally and mostly from chasing after the twins!

“I was very intrigued when I heard about this treatment and went for it after a little research. The treatment was painless. It felt almost like a relaxing “facial” session for your hoo-ha, complete with a cooling masque after for hydration. The process was a short, non-invasive treatment and I wasn’t expecting any visible difference. But, wow, the effect definitely surprised me! It looked like I had an instant “facelift” downstairs! Turns out our face isn’t the only thing that sags as we age.”

Posts – Got a story?
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J* is a devoted mum of 2 lovely girls, model, singer/songwriter. She’s also the Chief Content Creator of BiGSecretLife and she authored a book entitled Night to Day.

“The Rosebud Vajuvenation works like a facelift for your Brazilian. The whole process was fuss free and quick. White chocolate oil was applied as a lubricant at the start of the treatment. Thereafter, a suction and heat treatment around the vulva was administered. This helps to stimulate collagen growth that firms up sagging skin and reduce fine lines. I actually did see smoother skin around that area compared to the area which had not been treated yet!  At the end, a sea algae mask is left on for five minutes to provide soothing hydration. It was definitely an interesting experience pampering myself in this manner!”

Ferrinn Wong

Ferrin Wong is a Financial Advisor and part-time video presenter. She is a mum to two beautiful kids aged eight and five.

“I popped by STRIP to try their Rosebud Vajuvenation and was initially apprehensive as I didn’t quite know what to expect. From the moment I arrived, the staff were warm and welcoming. They sat down with me, showed me before and after pictures and how the treatment would benefit me. I felt excited to try!

The therapist made me feel comfortable as she patiently explained each step before she proceeded. The entire process was painless and I was surprised! In fact, it was pretty comfortable that I almost dozed off! The warm heat and suction treatment around the vulva promotes firming and reduces fine lines. The treatment ended off with a cooling mask and I could feel the smoothness of my skin after. It’s like a facelift for our intimate area (which we usually neglect) and I could see an instant difference! I love it and will be back for more sessions!”

STRIP’s Rosebud Vajuvenation is not only non-invasive, but also safe and comfortable with no downtime. It’s perfect if you’re looking to give your vulva some tender loving care. Additionally, you can experience noticeable results from the very first session! After the eighth session, you’ll see significant improvement to your skin’s laxity around the vulva area. What’s more, there’s also visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines and your skin tone will be evened out revealing a radiant glow.

Rosebud Vajuvenation is best performed on hair-free skin and can be included as an add-on option post-AFT or Brazilian wax. It is also recommended to be done only after three months post-delivery or six months post-C-section delivery. Breast feeding mums should also seek your doctor’s advice before commencing on the treatment.

STRIP’s Rosebud Vajuvenation treatment is available at all STRIP outlets and is priced at S$250 for a single session and S$1,600 for a package of eight sessions.