Mummyfique Picks: National Gallery

By Lydia Law

New art installations.

The National Gallery is without a doubt one of our favourite museums to visit with friends from overseas or with the family. We love the huge spaces for the kids to explore and of course, the art which is very cleverly curated for kids to be fully immersed in.

The Keppel Centre and the Gallery were recently rejuvenated with new installations and while we do miss the old versions of ‘Who’s in the Woods’ and the hunt for Mr Finn, the new installations of ‘Who’s by the River’ and ‘Wandering in Black and White’ are refreshing touches to introduce local and abstract art to the kiddos.
Here’s a quick summary of all the new bits to the gallery:

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Inspired by Liu Kang’s life by the river, the little ones get to personalise their very own avatar right down to the hair colour and height. They get creative designing their outfits and have a real thrill seeing ‘themselves’ walking by the river!

Don’t forget to email the character to yourself so that you get a little souvenir to take home and entertain the tikes before the next visit!

I found this was a nice change from the ‘Where Is Mr Finn’ installation. Some may find it a bit more dark and less suitable for the little ones but it is beautiful with clean lines and pops of colour.

Kids are challenged to build their own cities through shadows cast on blocks and communicate with friends through the network of coloured pipes.

I was expecting a larger installation similar to the colour disc run before so I was a little afraid that the boys wouldn’t be taken by this installation. They did take a  while to warm up to the art, but the space slowly drew out the creativity within each boy with one forming a dragon and another making targets.

I totally love the colours, simplicity of the shapes and the three dimensional element to this piece. A truly fabulous avenue to let the kids just create and explore. Be prepared to be awed by some of the creations your little ones come up with!

Done in classic Team Lab fashion, the ‘Walk Walk Walk’ installation is a little maze of walking characters that viewers can interact with. Amidst zen music and the lovely scent of sakura flowers and wheat to fully immerse one in the various sections of the walk, the kids have a ball following their favourite characters on their little journey. 

Definitely a favourite and can easily be missed as it is behind closed doors so do look out for it behind the ticket counters.

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