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You would probably remember Jamie Yeo for her huge, expressive eyes and bright smile on Singapore’s longest-running home-grown English drama, Growing Up, where she played the role of Tammy Tay, the baby of the family from seasons three to five. Well, the youngest Tay daughter is now all grown up, with a seven-year-old daughter and a bouncing baby boy on the way!


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An entertainment industry veteran of sorts, having been in the industry for almost two decades (she was casted in Growing Up when she was just 19), she has proven herself to be a versatile artiste as she racked up radio and television hosting credits. She quit acting in 2000 for a five-year stint with 987FM (back when it was still known as Perfect 10). In 2005, she jumped back over to telelvision, this time appearing on the screens as a sports presenter on ESPN’s regional show, Football Crazy. She also hosted the World Cup 2014 highlights in Singapore, and British Premier League Roundup that was shown on Mio TV.

She may not seem to be a football fanatic on the outside, but looks can be deceiving, and she is a self-professed Arsenal fan!

She returned to her radio roots in 2012 at Power98FM and in 2015, she joined Gold90.5FM, and fans can listen to her perky voice on the way home on her Homestretch segment.

Hosting seems to be her forte as even as she switched between radio and television, she was frequently spotted hosting events across the island. The many events she has been the main emcee for include Subaru Car Challenge, to the appearance of The Huntsman stars and even National Day GRC dinners.

The Subaru Car Challenge is about to begin….! In 3, 2 ……! #carchallenge2015

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Having been in the industry for so long, we’re not surprised that she has close pals within the industry. One of the closer buddies she has is one who shares the same name as her, Jamie Teo. They also share the same birth date and were born in the same hospital. They even look alike, don’t you think?

In the midst of all her hosting and radio gigs, Jamie has found the time to open MUMS, an online site where mums can buy and sell new and pre-loved goods.

Her personal life has had it’s fair share of ups and downs, but as of now, things are on the up and up for Jamie. She went online, found true love and married him in 2017. She and husband Rupert (not much is known about him, not even his last name) are expecting the arrival of their little bub very, very soon.

First proper date night in ages. And at such a lovely restaurant! #frenchjapanesefusion #tapas #26weekspregnant

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She announced they were expecting with a cute image of her holding up a tiny romper when she was five months along in June 2017.

Exciting news to share! It's going to be a boy!! • • So much has happened in the past few months! @Urbanfarmerly and I have gotten married and are now expecting! When he first suggested marriage last year, we decided we really wanted another little one pottering around the house. Now here we are, 5 months pregnant. It’s been a rather exhausting 5 months dealing with the usual nausea, fatigue, and everything that comes along with it, but it’ll all be worth it when we finally get to carry our little man in our arms. ? • That’s all we’re going to say for now as there's a way to go yet. The health and well-being of this little one and the rest of our family is of utmost importance to us at the moment so we won’t be answering any further questions from the media. This post is for you here on IG. You've followed me and given me so much support I thought you deserve to know. I'm so humbly grateful for second (or third) chances! ? Also just in case you bump into me on the streets, no, it's not a beer belly!? #23weekspregnant

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Jamie is currently on bed rest in the hospital, thanks to doctor’s orders, which we think means that Alysia is going to officially be a big sister soon.

Throughout her pregnancy, she has been showing off her lithe figure and you can barely see her baby bump with the stylish outfits that she dons.

The second time mama-to-be has also been spending tons of time with Aly, getting down and dirty, reading bedtime stories with her, being Aly’s doll for hair braiding practice and going around town in twinning outfits.

You'll always be my baby.

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This cheeky monkey is in her element when she’s playing outdoors! I’ve always encouraged outdoor play since she was young. I believe it teaches her essential skills which can’t be schooled in the classroom. She loves jumping in muddy puddles, going up and down dirty slides, and digging into sand with her bare hands. I prefer her getting grimy and dirty while playing than keeping clean while glued to the ipad or TV. By the way, because I’m a clean freak, I’m very thankful for Breeze laundry detergent because it removes grimy stains completely. At least I know that the filthy clothes she comes home in will be crisp and clean again after they get washed, with all tough stains removed. Phew! #dirtisgood #BreezeSG #sp

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Reading stories has always been a part of Aly's bedtime routine. It's our favourite part of the day and I'm going to treasure it as long as I can. We get into bed together and I'd read in a soft and gentle tone. It calms this little active one down enough so she can fall asleep right away. Sleep is so important for healthy growth so I'm very particular. We're lucky that she goes to bed at 8pm every night and sleeps right though without ever waking up. She's been doing this since she was 1 year old and I think part of the reason is because I've always been super strict with her bedtime routines and the time she goes to bed. 8-8:15pm is her bedtime, I make no exceptions. Even if it's school holidays or the weekend. This mummy needs to rest too haha! #SP

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She's growing up quickly but she still wants to dress like her mama. Phew!

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We can’t wait for the arrival of her little boy, and to see what the next few years hold for this power mama.

Off to host a show for Prudential and Stanchart! ✌?✌?️ ?: @nicolequek

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