Mother’s Day DIY Craft: Carnation Flower

Carnations have long been associated with Mother’s Day, so instead of buying a carnation for mum, why not make her one that will last forever with these easy to follow instructions.

What you’ll need:

– 2 Coloured Paper
– Skewer/Satay Sticks
– Glue
– Ribbon
– Scissors
Step 1: Fold the colored paper into half and cut. (Repeat for the other papers)
Step 2: Fold the cut paper into half again. (Do not cut, repeat for the other paper)
Step 3: Cut the folded paper into even strips. (Don’t cut all the way through, repeat for the other paper.)
Step 4: Apply glue to skewer tip.
Step 5: Roll the darker coloured paper onto the skewer stick.
Step 6: Keep rolling till the end.
Step 7: Glue the end of the paper together and continue rolling.
Step 8: Brush the strips to form petal of your liking.
Step 9: Once done, glue the end and tie a ribbon over the stalk.

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