Bringing Comfort To Mums On A Whole New Level With Medela’s New Flex™ Technology Breast Pumps

Medela’s newly launched Sleep and Comfy Bras, Harmony manual breast pump, and Swing Maxi Flex

When it comes to breastfeeding and pumping milk for your little ones, having a reliable and comfortable breast pump is everything as you kickstart your breastfeeding journey. At the heart of everything at Medela is research and its team constantly works to develop products that make life a little easier for mums by helping them to successfully breastfeed their babies for as long as they choose. Medela has launched 3 new products in its range – the Swing Maxi Flex™ Double Electric Breast Pump with Flex™ technology, the new Harmony™ manual breast pump, and a selection of Intimate Apparels for day and night usage.

According to Esther K (@estherksz), travel, beauty, and lifestyle blogger, milk yield has been good with the Medela Swing Maxi and its small portable size makes it easy to carry around.

What is Flex™ Technology?

Flex™ is a leap forward in breast pumping technology and the PersonalFit Flex breast shields are designed to adapt to better fit and adapt to your breast shape for increased comfort and efficiency. As breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and you won’t remain static in your pumping position, having a properly fitted and super adaptable breast shield is key in both comfort and efficiency for all your pumping sessions. It is also clinically proven to increase milk production by 11% .

Compared to standard 90° breast shield openings, the new 105° opening angle matches different shapes and sizes of breasts better. This helps milk to flow more freely due to less compression of the breast. What’s more, choose from four different sizes to find the perfect fit. The PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield can be rotated 360° to suit your breast shape. It also has overflow protection that prevents milk entering the motor, so you can pump in a comfortable position that works for you. Commented Esther K (@estherksz), travel, beauty, and lifestyle blogger,  “I absolutely love the flex breast shields! They adhere to my breasts better and have helped to prevent leaks.”

Instagrammer and mum of one, Val Lim (@val.lim) says that the Medela pumps are easy to assemble and wash.

Whether you’re aiming to maintain your supply or simply want to spend more time with your little one and less time pumping, the Swing Maxi Flex™ Double Electric Breast Pump with 2-Phase Expression® technology is perfect. Fitted with the new PersonalFit Flex™ breast shield, you can easily adapt how your Medela breast pump fits you to be most comfortable and efficient in pumping milk. As said by Instagrammer and mum of one, Val Lim (@val.lim), “It extracts milk well, keeping my pump sessions short and sweet. I also love that it’s super light and the entire pump is very easy to assemble/wash – just 4 parts!

Medela’s research shows that the unique combination of double pumping with Medela 2-Phase Expression® technology delivers more milk with a higher energy content. Not only that, it also mimics a baby’s way of latching on – quickly at first to start milk flow and more slowly thereafter to feed – delivering a more natural, comfy, pumping experience.

Ruth Tan (@pinkchampagne13), Senior Financial Consultant and mum of one showing the portability of Medela’s Swing Maxi Flex™ Pump.

A single manual breast pump, the new Harmony™  is the only manual breast pump in the world that comes with 2-Phase Expression® technology. It’s great for mums on-the-go who express periodically and need a lightweight pump, and especially now, it has been updated with Medela’s Flex™ technology. Keeping up with busy schedules and as a backup to your electric pump, the new Harmony is nifty enough to fit into your handbag – no need for batteries or handling cumbersome wires! Senior Financial Consultant and mum of one, Ruth Tan (@pinkchampagne13) says, “[The all-new Harmony] is small, compact, lightweight, and you don’t have to worry about charging anything or forgetting parts of an electric pump!”

Medela’s range of intimate apparels grows with you on your motherhood journey. Designed to fit your shape whatever stage you’re at be it pregnant, a new mum, or have been breastfeeding for a while, the Medela Comfy Bra is a must-have. It is made from super-soft, lightweight fabric with an extra-stretchy under-bust band that adapts to your changing shape. What’s more, the drop-down cups with one-handed clips that open up the full breast, maximises skin-to-skin contact during feeding, benefitting both you and baby. Unlike other maternity intimate wear, the Comfy Bra has cups with removable foam inserts that gently shape your bust for an all-natural fit.

Medela’s Comfy Bra and Nursing Sleep Bras are must-haves as you begin your motherhood journey.

Having a comfortable night’s sleep makes a whole world of difference when you are a mum and especially one with breastfeeding and pumping milk to boot. Medela’s Nursing Sleep Bra offers seamless support as you sleep as well as for night-time comfort when pregnant or breastfeeding. Its soft fabric keeps moisture away and similarly with the Comfy Bra, is designed to fit your shape, whatever stage you’re at. It is even snug and stretchy enough to hold nursing pads in place as you sleep, keeping you dry and comfortable between feeds. “I’ve tried their Sleep Bra and Comfy Bra​, both are made of quality material that’s sturdy and supportive yet still very soft and comfortable to wear all-day”, commented Val (@val.lim), Instagram mama.

Start your motherhood and breastfeeding journey right with Medela’s breast pumps with new Flex™ Technology designed to suit your breast shape, providing ultimate comfort and maximum milk for baby.

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