Know Your Baby: Personalities of Fire Rooster Babies by Birth Date

Babies born in the Year of the Fire Rooster will be creative and self confident, according to Master Goh Guan Leong of Way Fengshui Group. He delves deeper into their personalities based on the solar month they are born, and tips for parents who will be raising these fiery chicks.

Date of Birth: 3 February 2017 to 4 March 2017 (1st Solar Month – Ren Yin)
Personality/Ideal career: Idealistic and frugal businessperson, accountant, auditor, product quality manager
Lucky Numbers: 0 and 9

Babies born in this period are pragmatic individuals. Hardworking and thrifty by nature, they are diligent workers who earn an honest living. As reliable and trustworthy people, they do things systematically and avoid taking shortcuts or indulging in ill-gotten gains. As they have a good understanding of economics, they will make righteous businesspeople. Armed with a rational mind and an innate gift for managing finance, they are natural-born accountants and auditors. Their strict and careful nature, as well as high levels of reliability, makes them ideal product quality managers. On the flip side, their conservative and frugal personality causes them to be overly cautious and timid, especially when it comes to implementing changes or finding a breakthrough.

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During their developing years, parents can encourage their child to participate in more outdoor activities to boost their courage for better success in their adult years. Parents should also teach their child the value of selflessness to reduce the potential of the Rooster child harbouring an individualistic mentality.


Date of Birth: 5 March 2017 to 3 April 2017 (2nd Solar Month – Gui Mao)

Personality/Ideal career: Visionary investor, finance manager, economist, banker
Lucky Numbers: 0 and 9

These individuals are energetic, intelligent, effective, efficient and fast workers. Besides having a keen eye for changing economic and business trends, Roosters born in this month are adept at turning profits, making them great investors, finance managers and bankers.

However, though these individuals may be intelligent, they tend to be impatient and impulsive. Thus, they may not adapt well to conventional teaching methods during their schooling years. Parents should help steady their emotions and instil in them the importance of doing well in school. Their liberal attitudes towards spending may also lead to them becoming spendthrifts. Parents should teach their child “the value of a dollar” from a young age to prevent them from indulging in lavish spending during their adulthood.

Health-wise, the likelihood of injuries from falling is high. Therefore, it is recommended that they avoid risky and dangerous outdoor activities. Parents, you should also pay extra attention to their liver and gall bladder health.


Date of Birth: 4 April 2017 to 4 May 2017 (3rd Solar Month – Jia Chen)
Personality/Ideal career: Coordinator, teacher, nurse, social worker, PR executive
Lucky Numbers: 1 and 9

Roosters born in this month have gentle dispositions and are mature thinkers. They also have strong organisational skills and are highly approachable people, making them well-liked and trusted by others. With the right guidance, they will become outstanding coordinators, teachers, nurses or social workers.

However, they also tend to be overly trusting of others, and may be frequently being taken advantage of. Parents should teach their child how to differentiate between “good” and “bad” people, so that they will not be used by others..

Roosters born in this month tend to be prone to overthinking and lack initiative. Parents can encourage their child to pick up sports, allowing them to hone their lively and proactive characteristics.

Health-wise, extra care needs to be given to the stomach and digestive system, so parents, introduce your child to a healthy and balanced diet.


Date of Birth: 5 May 2017 to 4 June 2017 (4th Solar Month – Yi Si)
Personality/Ideal career: Police officer, judge, arbitrator, quality control officer, government official, manager
Lucky Numbers: 8 and 6

Roosters born in this month are self-disciplined, objective and rational thinkers. They hold themselves to the highest moral standards and will handle all matters impartially. The above traits make them ideal candidates for careers in legal positions and arbitration.

As workers who pay special attention to the finer details, as well as rules and regulations, they tend to be apprehensive and worry too much, leading to indecisiveness. Parents should work towards alleviating their child’s anxiety, and encouraging them to be bold and decisive when making decisions.

As adults, those born in the 4th solar month of the Fire Rooster Year, their strong sense of responsibility will see them trying to take on the entire world by themselves. This will result in them heaping undue pressure upon themselves. As such, parents should demonstrate good work-life balance practices for their children to model after in the future.

Healthwise, parents pay extra attention to the respiratory system and lungs of your children.


Date of Birth: 5 June 2017 to 6 July 2017 (5th Solar Month – Bing Wu)
Personality/Ideal career: Entrepreneur, athlete, adventurer, market developer, pilot
Lucky Numbers: 7 and 0

The 5th solar month denotes the presence of summer heat. Hence, Roosters born in this month have dry and warm bodies, resulting in the likelihood of constipation and indigestion problems. Parents should ensure that their child maintains a healthy diet and adopt early sleeping habits to prevent the internal heat from affecting their daily routine.

People born in the period are very energetic beings. Filled with passion and enthusiasm, they possess a never-say-die attitude towards life. They are self-confident, optimistic, driven and competitive individuals who will relentlessly strive towards success. Therefore, suitable careers for them include entrepreneurship, sports and adventure.

However, parents should note that your child may be stubborn and dislike being controlled by others. If they are not given the right guidance as children, then they will turn out to be arrogant individuals who cannot work well with others. As a result, they may not receive the accolades and recognition that they deserve from superiors or benefactors. Parents can consider encouraging their child to participate in sports that are governed by rules to lower their child’s energy level, improve their abrasive nature and set them on the path of righteousness.


Date of Birth: 7 July 2017 to 6 August 2017 (6th Solar Month – Ding Wei)
Personality/Ideal career: 
Psychologist, scholar, writer, historian, philosopher, fengshui master
Lucky Numbers: 3 and 4

Roosters born in this month are mature, steady and reliable people, possessing a sensible, refined, cultured, dignified and sentimental disposition. With their thirst for knowledge, as well as the ability to think critically, they have a deep-rooted passion for traditional culture, history and the humanities. They are also likely to be interested in subjects such as fengshui and numerology. Under the right guidance from parents, the child will perform well in school.

Conversely, they may come off as arrogant when correcting others using their vast knowledge bank. Also, they may not value money and find it difficult to distinguish between fiction and reality. Parents should take care in letting their child maintain a healthy balance.

Healthwise, babies born this month will possess dry and warm physical constitutions, making them susceptible to hot flashes, sore throats and indigestion. Parents can encourage their child to start eating light and nutritious foods from young, as well as adopt an active lifestyle.

Children born in this month tend to be spoiled by their parents, leading to them being overly reliant on their parents and as a result, fail to live up to their true potential. Therefore, parents should learn to let the child become independent.


Date of Birth: 7 August 2017 to 6 September 2017 (7th Solar Month – Wu Shen)
Personality/Ideal career:Surgeon, military officer, police officer, explorer
Lucky Numbers: 3 and 0

Roosters born in this month possess a bold, decisive and unyielding character. They have great vigour and drive, and produce outstanding results at work.

This dignified and authoritative Rooster has excellent leadership abilities, earning the trust and respect of those under him/her. With such strong willpower and determination, they are born to be military officers or police officers. Additionally, their keen intuition and judgement allows them to make correct decisions under extreme pressure, making surgery an ideal career path for them.

Of course, no one is born without flaws. Individuals born in this month tend to easily offend others with their blunt and abrasive mannerisms. Parents should teach their child the right way, lest they grow up to be reckless and impulsive. There is a fine line between good and bad!

They will also tend to lead active lifestyles, making them prone to injuries and falling down, so parents take care of your baby Rooster’s safety.


Date of Birth: 7 September 2017 to 7 October 2017 (8th Solar Month – Ji You)
Personality/Ideal career: Diplomat, lawyer, marketing executive, PR manager, critic
Lucky Numbers: 1 and 2

Besides possessing a great deal of energy, Roosters born this month are bold and decisive when dealing with matters. These individuals are passionate about inspiring change and are determined and outstanding leaders. They will stop at nothing to lead their team in achieving a breakthrough if they have any innovations.

They are also lively and optimistic people blessed with a sharp mind, allowing them to see complex issues from different angles and communicating these ideas using the most appropriate method to different demographics.

They are able to attract and retain the attention of others, winning their trust and convincing them to follow his/her ways in the process. Industries that require individuals to possess charismatic traits, such as diplomacy and marketing, are careers that they will excel in. However, parents must bear in mind that even though their child possesses a gift of the gab, their somewhat abrasive nature may offend others.

Healthwise, ensure that your child eats healthy foods as constipation may be a recurring ailment.


Date of Birth: 8 October 2017 to 6 November 2017 (9th Solar Month – Geng Xu)
Personality/Ideal career: Coach, social worker, HR manager, cabin crew
Lucky Numbers: 2 and 0

Those born in this month are kind, elegant and have high moral standards. As reliable and patient workers with a strong sense of propriety, they will earn the trust of others. They are individuals with gentle demeanours and will avoid conflict at all costs. Hence, they are suitable for careers in service-oriented industries such as coaching, social work and human resources. Any job that requires patience and lending a listening ear will be ideal choices for them.

However, they may develop narcissistic tendencies and find it hard to distinguish fantasy from reality. Parents who are able to nip this problem in the butt will have an outstanding child on their hands. Diet-wise, the child may face indigestion problems and are picky eaters. Parents need to cultivate the importance of not wasting food and eating a balanced and healthy diet.

Finally, the child’s body constitution is dry and warm. Parents are advised to instill early sleeping habits in their child to reduce internal body heat from rising and in turn, adversely affecting their daily routine.

Date of Birth: 7 November 2017 to 6 December 2017 (10th Solar Month – Xin Hai)
Personality/Ideal career: Entrepreneur, public speaker, lawyer, debater, motivational speaker
Lucky Numbers: 3 and 4

Everyone can speak. But when it comes to successfully persuading others, only a select few are able to accomplish this. Roosters born in this month possess the gift of the gab and are excellent at expressing themselves. Besides having strong linguistic and comprehension skills, these individuals have great appreciation for culture and the arts, making them a critic with fine tastes. They are also able to look at things from different perspectives, allowing them to easily influence others. Their personality traits make them well-suited for jobs such as public speaking, law, debate and entrepreneurship.

However, these individuals may be prone to mood swings. As people who disdain the mundane, they may approach matters subjectively. As such, Roosters born in this month who are able to control their emotions will have a bright future ahead.

Roosters born in this month can be easily distracted, especially when it comes to their studies. Parents should monitor their child’s video gaming habit before it turns into an addiction. Their physical constitution leans leans towards being cold, so do ensure that they participate in outdoor activities to soak in the sun.

Lucky Numbers: 3 and 4


Date of Birth: 7 December 2017 to 4 January 2018 (11th Solar Month – Ren Zi)
Personality/Ideal career: Food connoisseur, musician, artist, editor, interior designer, tour guide
Lucky Numbers:
4 and 6

Roosters born this month are refined and elegant in both personality and thinking. Being sensitive, these Roosters are attracted to the finer things in life. This gentle and well-mannered Rooster enjoys cooking and has certain standards to all aspects of life. Also, the perceptive nature of Roosters born in this month gives them a profound aesthetical understanding of literature, the arts, dance and food. Under the right guidance, they are suited for jobs in the arts industry and shall blossom into outstanding artists, musicians, film critics.

Often seen as mediators in social settings, they are prone to major emotional fluctuations. Whether it is in the face of joyous or depressing situations, they wear their emotions on their sleeve. Parents should teach the child to approach all matters objectively.

Introverted by nature, they are likely to become passive and mellow as adults if they are not encouraged to leave their comfort zone. Parents should provide their child with opportunities to lead from young to help cultivate the child’s leadership abilities to strive towards their future goals.


Date of Birth: 5 January 2018 to 3 February 2018 (12th Solar Month – Gui Chou)
Personality/Ideal career: Psychologist, scientist, product designer, researcher, publisher
Lucky Numbers:
9 and 4

Roosters born this month have strong learning abilities, research skills and are vastly imaginative. As a result, they are excellent problem solvers who will look at issues from many different angles. They are also individuals who explore the finer details in everything and are able to accurately decipher the psychological state of others.

With superior intuition and comprehension skills, they have unique viewpoints in life, making them experts at design. Under the right guidance, they shall make excellent psychologists, scientists, product designers and researchers in the future.

Blessed with sophisticated thinking, if these children are not given the right guidance, they are likely to end up only providing “empty talk” at the end of the day. To prevent this from happening, parents can encourage their child to put their ideas into action.

Babies are also born this month are prone to overthinking, leading to them being night owls or suffer from insomnia. Because of this, parents should teach their child the importance of sleeping early and getting plenty of rest and exercise.


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