Mums Who Bring their Kids On Adventures Via Instagram

Thinking of doing something creative with the many photos that you take of your child? Take a cue from these creative mums who have taken their children on wonderful adventures (that they don’t even know about) through illustrations, dress-up outfits and props.

Thu Pham (@thuie)

It was seeing the multiple photos of her 21-month-old kid, Banksii Deville, in her phone that spurred Thu Pham to get her creative juices flowing. Using photo editing app, PicsArt, she her added illustrations to transform Banksii into a hiphop dancer, a skydiver and even a wizard.

Posts – Got a story?

Teach me how to dougie, T-Teach how to dougie ? #shegotthemmoves #banksiiantics

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"Those who don't jump will never fly" #lifequotes #banksiiantics

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Her first sketch was done on a funny photo that she had taken, and once she started, she was hooked. Her secret to success? Letting the photos she takes of her kid speak to her, whether it is the facial expression or body position. See more of Banksii’s many adventures under the hashtag #BanksiiAntics.

Monday. Let's do this! #banksiiantics

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Ayumi Ichi (@ayumiichi)

Adventures are twice as fun when you have your twin along for the ride. The three-year-old Japanese twins have become mermaids, gone on sledding adventures and rescued one another from falling off cliffs, all while they were sleeping in their home, thanks to the artful props placement by their mum.

Her adventures are inspired by the extremely varied positions her two bubs fall asleep in, and they must be sound sleepers for their mum to be able to construct the sometimes elaborate scenes without them stirring.

Laura Izumikawa (@lauraiz)

Despite being just a year old, Joey Marie Choi has rocked the Coachella look, dressed up as Princess Leia and even become a human taco. Mum Laura Izumikawa often takes inspiration from pop culture to dress her daughter up, hence many of the pictures are instantly recognisable.

My love for you will Endor forever ? #PrincessLeia #starwars #darthvader

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It started out as a fun way to add some humour to the photos that she sent her parents of their granddaughter, but now Laura says she does it to “make people and also remind parents to have fun with their kids and not get caught up in the seriousness of parenting.”

?? #TacoTuesday ??

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Do you take creative photos of your little ones? Share them with us by emailing [email protected]

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