Spotted: Hottest Mums in Euro 2016

EURO 2016 will not be complete without a squad of hot WAGs – wives and girlfriends,  cheering off the pitch as their men strive for glory. Brilliant goals and fanciful skills aside, here’s our list of favourite gorgeous mums spotted from this year’s games.

  1. Ludivine Payet, Wife to Dimitri Payet

    Mother to three kids, the sizzling hot mama is often spotted with young Noa in tow for most of her husband’s games. Despite her stunning good looks, Ludivine chooses to remain low profile with no intention to steal the spotlight away from her athlete husband. Psst, we found her Instagram account which is kept private at the moment, but you can try to follow her  at @lulunoamilan.

  2.  Emma Rhys-Jones, Partner to Gareth Bale

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    Childhood sweethearts since high school, Emma has been quietly supportive Bale’s career from the start. The couple has two adorable daughters Alba Violet and Nava Valentine, who are often spotted by the touch line supporting their dad. Described as down-to-earth by many others, the stunning couple’s personal life remains very much private.

  3. Pilar Rubio, Partner to Sergio Ramos

    Dubbed as one of the hottest WAGs around, Pilar is a Spanish reporter/TV presenter and mum to Sergio Jr and little Marco. Albeit being almost a decade older than Ramos, the gorgeous couple has been in a steady relationship since 2012.

  4. Colleen Ramsey, Wife to Aaron Ramsey

    After getting hitched in 2014, the childhood sweethearts recently celebrated the birth of their first born, a beautiful baby boy. Unlike many other WAGs whose social media accounts are filled with glamorous selfies, the domestic goddess shows off her culinary skills with a feed full of delish-looking bakes and homemade pasta dishes. Follow her gastronomy journey at @colleen_ramsey.

  5. Shakira, Wife to Gerard Piqué

    The attractive singer has been in a relationship with Piqué since 2010 when the  couple met on the music video set of her single, Waka Waka. The sweet couple shares the same birthday but Shakira is 10 years his senior. Mother to two adorable boys, Milan and Sasha, Shakira’s photogenic family is #familygoals on so many levels.

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