DIY a Mother’s Day Gift on a Budget

Fresh flowers are indubitably beautiful but there is the unfortunate fact they only last a week. But, but what if my mum loves flowers, you say? Well, these two easy-to-make DIY gift ideas marry the beauty of flowers with our desire to create a Mother’s Day gift that is as interesting as it is stunning.

With a dash of whimsy, two buckets of happy thoughts and a truckload of love, you are well on your way into creating a floral creation that is thoughtful and uniquely yours and one that we know will last mum a lifetime.

Frame it up

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What you’ll need:

  1. Frames (IKEA)
  2. Artificial flowers and greens (The Verge)
    For a frame about 40cm x 50cm, one stalk of artificial flower will suffice
  3. Matt Modpodge (Spotlight or Art Friend)
  4. Transparency (Fancy Paper)
  5. Paint brush
  6. Tape
  7. Scissors
  8. Glue
  9. Gold paint (Optional)


Step 1

Dismantle the flowers into layers and leave the bud aside (needed at Step 6). Start planning how you would like to arrange the flowers.

Step 2
Lay the frame insert flat on a clean surface. Arrange your blooms, overturned, on the frame insert.
Tip: Keep the arrangement of the blooms as flat as possible for better results.


Step 3
Using a paint brush, layer the upside of your blooms with matt Modpodge.


Step 4
Gently placed them back to your desired position, overturned. Fret not if it does not stick well.
Tip: Overlap flowers and leaves beyond the frame.


Step 5
Finalise your layout and place the transparency sheet on top.


Step 6
Trim off the overlapping blooms.


Step 7
Secure the frame insert and the transparency with tape on all four sides.


Step 8
Glue the bud of the flower on top of the frame insert.



Step 9
Frame up the artwork and let Modpodge dry overnight.




Vase with a motif

V_9 copy


What you’ll need:

  1. Clear bottles (IKEA)
  2. White/Off-white paint
  3. Gold paint
  4. Printed leaves or flower images (download here)
  5. Flowers
  6. Matt Modpodge
  7. Paint brush
  8. Tape
  9. Glue
  10. ScissorsIMG_2253

Step 1
Paint  the bottle with white or off-white paint. Allow to dry thoroughly.


Step 2
Tape around the neck of the bottle and paint the rim gold. Allow to dry thoroughly before gently removing the tape


Step 3
Prepare your printouts.


Step 4
Glue the underside of your printouts and stick them onto the bottle firmly.


Step 5
Trim away excess materials


Step 6
Seal the printouts by applying a layer of matt Modpodge. Allow to dry thoroughly before filling the vase with your chosen flowers.

If you’re not a fan of flowers, select exotic greens for a tropical look. Highlight with gold paint for an overall exquisite look.

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DIY a Mother’s Day Gift on a Budget

Fresh flowers are indubitably beautiful but there is the unfortunate fact they...
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