Halloween: Kids Halloween Makeup

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By Oriella Onni
October 25, 2017

Mums, seriously what is Halloween without a mask or face painting? Kids have asked to be vampires, skulls, cats, and Scully from Monsters Inc… and we manage by turning to YouTube. This year, we’ve put together five easy to follow tutorials for you so you’d be a pro at junior’s makeup come Hallloween. Don’t forget to tag us with your final masterpiece.

Skulls/Sugar Skulls: Skulls are always an easy option when it comes to Halloween just switch out the black and grays for bright colours when attempting a sugar skull.

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Zombies: Get on the Zombie train because they’re trending and uber cool at the moment.


Kitten/ Puppy: This is another popular option among the wee ones and is one of the easiest to recreate.


Belle from Beauty and the Beast: Everyone loves a Disney Princess. Watch The Daya Daily recreate the look of Belle from the movie. This look can be used to recreate other Disney Princesses, just swap out the gowns.


Joker and Harley Quinn: Who doesn’t love a great villain? How about two? Try out a Joker and Harley Quinn look this Halloween.

Face painting supplies can be found at art shops such as Artfriend.

Oriella Onni, Mummyfique’s peppy editorial assistant is navigating her way through life one glorious destination at a time. She loves exploring, music, crafts and cooking.