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Glam Up this CNY with these Fuss Free Beauty Solutions

Even the most time-starved mums can look fabulously put together during their Chinese New Year gatherings with these fuss-free beauty solutions.
Use these beauty hacks and solutions for to easily get ready for the Chinese New Year festivities. Image credit: SOVA Silk
By Kimberly
January 29, 2024

Get ready to look your best this festive Chinese New Year season with these simple, fuss-free beauty solutions. Even the most time-starved mums can rock up to their gatherings looking fabulous!

Eyebrows and Lashes

1. Arch Angel Brow
Like Cindy Tan, get natural, beautifully groomed eyebrows that suit your face shape at Arch Angel Brow. Image credit: Arch Angel Brow

Start off by ensuring your eyebrows are on point for Chinese New Year. Head to Arch Angel Brow, which practices a semi-permanent technique using only completely natural botanical pigments from Korea. They are also the first brow specialist in Singapore to introduce Korea Combo Eyebrow Embroidery. With this latest state-of-the-art embroidery technique from Korea, get natural looking brows that complement your facial feature. Hence, you can have perfect brows without any downtime or interruption to your regular beauty regime. After a detailed consultation, the skilled artisans will design eyebrows suited to your facial structure, while using a high-quality numbing cream to ensure your experience is as painless as possible. With regular touch-ups, the effect of their eyebrow embroidery can last up to two years. Other time-saving services include eyeliner embroidery and natural eyelash extensions

2. HanaDolly Lash Extensions

Get gorgeous lashes in just seven minutes – with practice – using HanaDolly‘s Ultimate Starter Kit ($129).  You can wear these up to seven days per use, making sure to clean and disinfect after, and up to 15 times for each pair of lashes. The starter kit contains two premium lashes – one with eyeliner effect and one without eyeliner effect. Hence you can switch up styles depending on your mood. Some benefits of these HanaDolly lashes are that they are toxin-free, hypoallergenic and are ultra light, with a weightless feel. Other additions include the eyelash bond and applicator kit, and silky eyelash growth infusion serum. In order to aid with application and removal, the kit also includes a skin protecting dissolving remover and specially customised lash tweezer. 

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Mummyfique Sample July 2021


For luscious, gorgeous tresses in time for Chinese New Year, try Ivan the Hair People's hair shaping and treatments. Image credit: Gidania Wong
3. Ivan, the Hair People - Hair Shaping and Treatment

For healthy hair and shiny, luscious locks in time for the Chinese New Year, start off with Signature Hair Shaping at Ivan, the Hair People. After a customised consultation, the stylists will design a haircut perfect for your features and your lifestyle using advanced techniques and high-quality tools. Afterwards, you’ll learn valuable tips and advice to maintain your salon look at home. Next, try the Signature Hair Treatment, which helps restore moisture, reverses hair damage, and seals in any hair colour to remain stunning and long-lasting. Its weightless formula is also non-greasy, so you get the care your hair needs without weighing it down. Located at Somerset in Singapore, Ivan’s dedicated team of skilled stylists combine artistry, expertise and a commitment to customer satisfaction, delivering personalised salon experiences to help you look your best for Chinese New Year – and beyond. 

4. OUAI Texturising Hair Spray

Suitable for most hair types, including coloured, curly, dry and oily hair, the OUAI Texturising Hair Spray ($47) tackles fine, flat hair and frizz while offering heat protection. This ultra-lightweight spray works as part hairspray and part dry shampoo, and helps your hair build incredible volume and texture. Additionally, the formulation is packed with volcanic minerals which absorbs oil and keeps hair looking full all day or night. Try misting onto dry hair, then scrunch strands for a loose, lived-in look, or refresh your hair by flipping your hair upside down then spraying. This colour-safe, paraben and phthalate-free formulation has not been tested on animals. Its Ouai No. 3 Fragrance contains notes of Italian bergamot, water lily and white musk.

5. Heatless Hair Curlers from Eternal Muse

Get easy curls with these heatless curlers from Eternal Muse, taking a quiz to determine which size curler to get. These handmade curlers are made with high-grade Peau De Soie, commonly referred to as vegan silk, which helps tame fair and give your heatless curls shine and dimension. These curling rods are filled with sustainably grown materials, and are extremely soft and long-lasting. When curling your hair with the rods, it’s best to keep the rods as straight as possible, and wrap the hair around the rods – detailed tutorial here. Wear them overnight for best results. Should side sleepers find these slightly uncomfortable, they can try the Bon Bons instead (sold as a set of two or three), for a bouncy blowout look. Other accessories to help the curls last throughout the day include their hair mist ($30) and comb ($14). 


Aside from having a restful night's sleep, sleeping on this hyaluronic acid-infused pillowcase can also help the skin retain moisture for a well-hydrated and supple complexion. Image credit: SOVA Silk
6. CeleVenus Skinceuticals Facial
Pamper yourself with SkinCeuticals’ most luxurious facial treatment at CeleVenus Wellness and Aesthetic Clinic. The Tri-Action Anti-Glycation Luxury Facial ($408 for 90 minutes), is suitable for normal, dry and combination skin. Enjoy a double dose of the latest technological applications, the signature massage techniques and the brand’s concentrated masques with this unique luxury facial. Other facial treatments  to -include the Anti-Blemish Radiance Treatment with a highly concentrated Vitamin C masque, Deep Clarifying Facial, and a Nourishing Skin Renewal Facial ($158 to $198). Continue your pampering at home with SkinCeuticals’ product line that is specifically designed for certain skin types, and varying Asian skin concerns. These might include acne, pigmentation or ageing. 
7. Skin Inc Supplement Bar

Skin Inc Supplement Bar is the Asian skincare brand renowned for its groundbreaking advancement in high-tech skincare and harnessing the power of AI. This month, Skin Inc has launched two new products – the Skin Booster Moisturiser ($98), and the Skin-Revival Infusion Night Serum ($178).

Skincare for the Day - Skin Booster Moisturiser

First, the Skin Booster Moisturiser has 10 different benefits including soothing redness, reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, fighting against premature aging, and balancing the skin’s moisture levels. Further customise these to your needs with the Serum Booster Shots – Clarify for blemishes, and sebum balance, Glow to brighten skin, and Detox to protect from free radicals. With the built-in mixing palette, mix in booster shots, eye cream or SPF, and hydrate from within. Each booster has 1,000 potent micro-capsules for intense infusion and up to 17 nutrient-rich actives. Results have shown that 100 per cent felt their skin looks healthier, 98 per cent felt their skin texture was more refined. Finally, 91 per cent of the respondents felt their skin seemed to be clarified. 

Nightime Skincare Routine - Skin-Revival Infusion Night Serum
Meanwhile, the Skin-Renewal Night Infusion Serum is a next-generation formula for perimenopausal skin or those 34 years and above. After collating the data from +SABI AI, Skin Inc pinpointed their top three skin concerns – hyperpigmentation, eye puffiness, and wrinkles or fine lines. Hence, the Skin-Renewal Infusion Night Serum helps to plump lines, lift skin, optimise skin renewal, all while amplifying the effectiveness of other skincare products. It uses potent ingredients like Apple Stem Cell Extract to increase skin cell turnover, while Superoxide Dimutase fights against forming free radicals, evening out your complexion and combating signs of premature aging and dullness. For best results, use the Tri-Light LED device, and track your skin progress on the +SABI AI app. These are available at, ION Concept Store, +SABI AI App and participating retailers.
8. SOVA Silk Pillowcases With Hyaluronic Acid

SOVA‘s latest innovation is a 100 per cent pure 6A mulberry silk pillowcase infused with hyaluronic acid. This helps the skin retain moisture, promoting a well-hydrated and supple complexion. Other benefits of sleeping on mulberry silk pillowcases include having anti-aging properties, temperature regulation, anti-crease and wrinkle prevention. Additionally, you’ll be sleeping on a luxurious and comfortable sleep surface, while rejuvenating your skin as you rest, and reducing frizz on your hair. These double silk pillowcases ($199) can also be embroidered with your name (up to 20 characters). 


9. Nodspark Nail Wraps

Get effortless glam with these easy manicures and pedicures from Nodspark. Each Nodspark set comes with 16 nail polish wraps of different sizes, a nail file and cuticle pusher, instructions for application and removal and tips. Start by finding a nail wrap slightly smaller than your own nail, then remove the clear protective layer. Next, peel off the selected nail wrap from the silver end, and position this above your cuticles. Smooth down until wrinkle free, then file downwards to remove the excess wrap. Finally, apply the top coat for the lasting finish and cure your nails with the UV lamps. 


10. Get a Svelte Figure with Tummy+Hip Shaper

Look your best, svelte self under your Chinese New Year outfit while visiting your relatives with Orchard Clinic® Tummy+Hip Shaper. Aside from shaping the tummy and hip areas, it also reduces signs of cellulite, and improves the skin’s firmness and elasticity. Stay cool even in hot weather with the exclusive hydrophilic fabric that keeps you cool and dry. Also included in this is a personalised fitting session, with an assessment and trial experience at Orchard Clinic. Customers will also have access to the clinic’s community events and benefits. 

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