Five Quotes For Mums Who Need A Pick Me Up

Yes, we know, it’s Monday again and back to the grind we go. But just because the weekend is over doesn’t mean that we should let that get us down. In fact, if anything, we should start off the week on the right foot — full of energy, excitement and love. To help you (especially if you’re a working mama) get there, we’ve put together a little list of motivational quotes that hopefully will go some way towards getting you to that happy place.

1.It’s hard, but sometimes we’ve just got to roll with it.

2. Remember how brave you are.

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3. There’s no such thing as perfection but who cares?

4. Who needs sleep? Eye bags are cool.

5. Revenge is sweet, especially when you’ve been waiting more than a decade for it.

And I'll wake them up by poking them in the eye a few times. ?

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