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#Fiquestagram 4: Weekly Instagram Moments From Mums We Love

By Samantha Jong
July 18, 2016

For this week’s edition of #Fiquestagram, we catch a glimpse of actress Joanne Peh’s elusive daughter going through the journey of self-feeding, Instagram star Rae reflecting on how having her hubby relieves her of some of the hardships of pregnancy, and how as mums we need to teach our little ones on the importance of sunblock.

Rae Yun — @theramengirl

Rae, looking radiant at 32 weeks, reflected on the trials and tribulations of being pregnant — and the importance of having a supportive husband.


Stephanie Er — @pooburr

?? Don't stop teaching me secrets of the universe only pure minds see

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Stephanie and her daughter Ara show us that sometimes parents can learn a thing or two from their kids too.


Marion Caunter — @marioncaunter

Matchy matchy Sunday w my gals.

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Marion was pretty in pink in matching outfits with her daughters Leia and Lana.


Joanne Peh — @joannepeh

Joanne Peh has a front row seat to the artistic mess that is self-feeding.


Fann Wong — @fanaiaiwong

Fann spent her afternoon teaching Zed the importance of sun protection — best to drill it in from young!