#Fiquestagram Special: Happy Mother’s Day

The biggest event of last week was Mother’s Day! Our feeds were full of mums sharing how their families celebrated the special occasion and how they honoured their own mothers and grandmothers. Here are some of our favourites social media captures.

Fiona Treadwell – @redovalwater

Fiona’s Mother’s Day had an interesting start, with her son Julian wishing her good luck! In her post for Mother’s Day, Fiona gets real about how despite the sometimes annoying antics of her children, the love that she has for her little ones always prevails.

Hua Shuying – @themerrymaker

Shuying ended the day with a tribute to her own mummy and her wish this Mother’s Day – that she’ll be as great a mother to her month-old son Liam as her mum was to her.

Gwendolyn Yeo – @gwendolyn_yeo

Though she wasn’t able to celebrate on the day itself, Gwendolyn posted a photo with not three, but four generations of women in her family, wishing both her mum and grandmother a Happy Mother’s Day. The photos is definitely one that needs to be archived for the memory books.

Charlotte Kiew – @charlottekiew

Charlotte celebrated her very first Mother’s Day with tea at Arteastiq, her favourite tea house, with her husband and little Arissa. Hubby even helped with cleaning the house!

Cindy Tan – @lecinlurve

Chriselle may only be eight-months-old, but Cindy’s life has definitely been changed for the better, and she is definitely not regretting her decision to be a stay-at-home mum.

Geraldine Guo – @geraldineguo

Today, my dryer died on me I had to catch the morning sun and make sure the kids' uniform and beddings are out. Then I made pasta and was secretly happy because they love what I cooked. Then, one of the boys puked on the bed because he jumped too much, that's another round in the wash. Changing bedsheets was like a mini workout. And there are those changing of diapers and breaking up fights in between. In fact, today is just like any other day. At our home, everyday is Mother's day (and Father's Day). We do all mundane work but that work matters. One day just doesn't cut for us. Nevertheless, Happy Mother's Day to all mums out there! To the world you might just be one person, but to one person (or 3 in my case) you might just be the world. PS: Photo throwback to 1.5 years ago ❤I love this photo because it depicts the 3 different personalities the boys have. #happymothersday2017

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Mother’s Day for Geraldine was just like any other day where things at home go wrong. We love how she commemorated it with a throwback photo of her three boys that best shows the unique personality of each of her children. This must be why they say that mums always know best.

Dr Jade Kua – @drjadekua

Everyone is different, and this is reflected even in the ways that we parent our children. We love Dr Jade Kua’s reminder that we each need to walk our own path in our journeys as mothers, and that loving our children unconditionally is the most important thing.

Ginette Chittick – @ginettechittick

Lula has a message for you @molly3541, @mergermil & Auntie Anke. #luellaleemiller

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Adorable Luella strikes again, wishing mummy Ginette’s mummy followers a Happy Mother’s Day! Click on the video to watch the greeting.

May Wan – @missmaywan

As May puts it, raising children isn’t a one-woman job. Dads play an important role, and without her hubby by her side, Mother’s Day doesn’t feel complete.

Michelle Hon – @thechillmom

Though Michelle’s Mother’s Day started early in the morning at 7am, her kids made up for it with their handmade cards and presents. These are precious memories that Michelle will keep for a long time to come.

Tjin Lee – @tjinlee

Motherhood isn’t always a walk in the park and according to Tjin, even running a company is less challenging! But it is the most meaningful thing a mother can do, so cherish the precious moments.

Winnie Chan – @the_paperqueen

No matter how old you get, your mum will always be there for you. Winnie reflects on how amazing her mum is in this Instagram post.

For last week’s #Fiquestagram, click here. We love seeing all the special moments you have with your little one, so continue to tag us @mummyfique and #fiquestagram.

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