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#Fiquestagram 7: Weekly Instagram Moments from Mums We Love

By Samantha Jong
August 8, 2016

Last week was a week of celebrations. Mama Charlotte Kiew celebrated her baby turning 21 days while journalist Celine Tan planned a Dory-themed birthday for her five-year old daughter. Our Fique mummies have also been doing some traveling. Taiwan-based actress Yvonne Lim is back in Singapore for a visit while mummy Amber Yong has been spotted taking in the sights in Iceland with her popular twins Leia and Lauren.

Charlotte Kiew — @charlottekiew

New mummy Charlotte Kiew celebrated little Arissa turning 21 days with an Instagram post. Whether it be three weeks or three months, we think every day should be cherished. Happy 21 days little one!

Laura — @lollylolita69

We dont even have to try, it's always a good time??????

A photo posted by Laura (@lollylolita69) on

Adorable Ella in matching outfits with mummy Laura: don’t you think they both look super lovely in their pink off-shoulder tops?

Yvonne Lim — @yvonnelim928

Taiwan-based Yvonne Lim is back in town! Although she’s only in Singapore for a short while, she has been making the most of her time by catching up with old friends and enjoying local food.

Celine Tan — @celine_tan_

??? #birthdaycake #happybirthday #alloamber #5yearsold #doryparty #dorycake #findingdory

A photo posted by Celine Tan (@celine_tan_) on

Celine Tan celebrated her daughter Amber’s her fifth birthday with a huge Finding Dory-themed birthday party. Just check out the Nemo bib on the baby son — super cute!

Amber Yong — @emberyong

Waking up with a thankful heart every fresh new morning ?? #taketimetosmelltheflowers #appreciative #positivity #iceland #family #vacay

A photo posted by Amber Yong- mom to @leialauren (@emberyong) on

A picture perfect moment of mummy Amber Yong and her twins Leia and Lauren during the family’s trip to Iceland.


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