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#Fiquestagram 48: Instagram Moments From Mums We Love

By Samantha Jong
September 11, 2017

This week on Fiquestagram we saw mummies making and documenting cherished memories with their little ones through matching family outfits, twinning mother-daughter looks and simple birthday celebrations.

Celine Tan – @celine_tan_

Because we were all wearing Superman shirts ❤️?? #superfamily #ABCDfamily ??

Mummyfique Sample July 2021
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A post shared by Celine Tan (@celine_tan_) on

Celine and family decided to go with a Superman theme for their weekend family outing. Though they weren’t dressed in obviously matching clothing, everyone’s shirts had a Superman motif on it. We think we can get on board this new way of wearing matching outfits with the family.

Justina Tey – @justtey

19 months | This photo more or less summarizes you in a nutshell: You want to do everything yourself! It's "I bah tee (brush teeth)", "I feed (fish)","I wear (shoes)", "I do!". And you're now extremely possessive of your stuff: "my cup", "my Babbit (rabbit)", "my baboo (bottle)". . Words are coming fast and furious these days, and you've been picking up all sorts of skills. You help to give out food and set the table, you try to wear your own shoes, and you are always happy to help to throw away stuff into the dustbin (though many a times I have to check the bins, because you have been throwing toys and puzzle pieces in too! ?). . You are a ray of sunshine in our home, and always bring a smile to our faces. Mealtimes are a battle though. You seem to be on a food strike and have been really fussy at mealtimes, and you are the only child that doesn't seem to like eating most fruit! ? We hope you'll gain back your appetite soon. Stay spunky little girl, we love you so so much! . #makingmummilestones #subwaytile #ikeasg

A post shared by Justina | Mum In The Making (@justtey) on

At 19 months, Justina’s little girl is developing a personality of her own, becoming possessive over her items and apparently developing a dislike for fruit in general. Hang in there Justina, it’s normal for every two-year-old to face such issues, she grow past it.

Summer Toh – @summertohxiaoxin

Looks like twinning is more Summer’s thing than it is Olympia’s, and we love the attention to details – even their shoes match.

Cindy Tan – @lecinlurve

Cindy and Chriselle look ready for a relaxing day out and about with their matching white dresses, totes and sun hats.

Angels Yeung – @angels_yangdijia

Happy birthday Anson! Angel’s little one celebrated his first birthday with a Mickey-themed cake smash and Captain America-themed party.


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