Mummyfique Sample July 2021
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#Fiquestagram 45: Instagram Moments From Mums We Love

By Samantha Jong
August 21, 2017

Matching couple outfits, a bouncing little tigger and strawberry picking – these are just some of the fun moments we spotted on the Instagram feeds of some of our favourite mummies over the past week.

Tan Shufan – @shufannnnnn

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Mummyfique Sample July 2021
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Puppy love was in the air for Tesla and his little girl friend, as they frolicked in the pool with their pumpkin buckets – it’s a bit early for Halloween, but who says all things pumpkin have to be for Halloween.

Marianne Wee-Slater – @mari_wee

Our day brightened considerably when we saw little Lila all dressed up as Tigger on Book Character Day at school.We love how she paid attention to the details and dressed in orange from top to bottom.

Selene Goh – @missene

Aren’t Selene’s little ones adorable looking? Edith and Everett look like they have grown quite a bit and we hope this means things are easier manage at home for Selene.

Shandy Kim – @shandloves

Sensory play is a great choice to keep your little ones busy and we approve of this fun activity that Shandy prepared for Scarlette.

Yvonne Tan-Oh – @yvonnetanoh

Yvonne and her daddy show off their harvest of fresh, juicy strawberries in this sweet father-daughter shot.


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