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#Fiquestagram 44: Instagram Moments From Mums We Love

By Samantha Jong
August 7, 2017

From celebrating Singapore Kite Day to having ice cream at the Singapore Coffee Festival and of course, spending time as a family, find out what these mummies were up to last weekend.

Janice Tan – @sophie.leeze

30.07.17: My first kite flying experience on Singapore Kite Day! . . #Sophieleezeis2 #sgkiteday #fatheranddaughter #daddyanddaughter #melissashoes #melissashoessg

Mummyfique Sample July 2021
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A post shared by Sophie Lee (@sophie.leeze) on

Sophie had her first kite flying experience on Singapore Kite Day at Marina Barrage, and it looks like she had a great time bonding with her dad too – isn’t that such a bright smile that she has on her face!

Jenny Yang – @ms_goldy

We like how Jen and her little ones were wearing in resort-ready in pink .

Dawn Sim – @thatmomoffour

Dawn’s girl squad gathered for a picture – can you spot the cheeky little one who stole her top to wear as a dress?

Ashlyn Thia – @ashlynthia

And so, our 7d6n of retreat is coming to a close and we're flying back in a couple of hours. It has been an enjoyable and memorable one, especially for Emma!! She had so much fun with her friends that she looked forward to playing with them every single morning! It's such a pure joy to watch the children play – water play, sand play, crafting, role-play and joke about. They got along pretty well with occasional squabbles. The highlight got to be the pool party birthday celebration for her. Thankful that her head injury didn't damper her play at all and it recovered fast! . Apart from the evening fussy hours, Avalyn has been great most of the time. She drank and slept well at nights. Naps were hits and misses as she has to bear with the children's play. We can't wait to hit the pool and beach with Avalyn again when she's older! . Our days are still packed with milk feeds, baby caring and milk pumping. So, I was expecting to be grounded but I made it to the pool and beach to play with Emma, enjoyed peaceful breakfasts and did face mask. But honestly, she rather plays with her friends most of the time. Daddy managed to swim, kayak, play pool and get a massage! . It was tiring but I would say it's pretty much the same tiredness as it had been in Singapore. . But, it would be even more tiring and stressful without our understanding and helpful travel buddies! They were our extra pairs of eyes and hands. Thank you @mmlittlee @themishmashmess and family's the great help and awesome company! . Thank you May and for the lovely accommodations. We enjoyed the villas! . Thank you @stephaniehornbyphotography for capturing beautiful memories! We welcome you to Singapore some day. . Repost from @stephaniehornbyphotography . Beautiful scenery and an even more adorable family ?‍?‍?‍?

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Ashlyn rounded off her family getaway with a reflection on her week’s break with a family portrait amongst the lush pink bushes.

Ellie Lee – @thosedustydreams

Like mother, like son, especially when it comes to ice cream! Just look at Ellie and Emmanuel’s matching noses and grins.

Joanne Peh – @joannepeh

Happy ? days #qididi! It was a night of gathering with family and close friends, all of whom have a special place in our hearts. With everyone having so much to do and places to go, this opportunity to gather and celebrate this important milestone of our son was particularly meaningful to us. Thank you to all who helped us put this together in one way or another, I felt so warmed to have friends pitching in with last minute decorations even as dinner was about to start! Touched and thankful from the bottom of my heart ??. Photos by: @lawrenceliau #100days #balloondecoration #babyqi #partydecor #100dayscelebration @qiyuwu @chozsg @martyzwong @gandavid @georginachang @lee_weisong @kennethleesg @laulerling @xoxojeneen @mad_about_pandan_cake #sgbabyclub

A post shared by Joanne Peh (@joannepeh) on

Has it already been a hundred days since Qi Didi was born? Joanne and Yuwu celebrated the milestone with their closest friends and family and of course, Baby Qi.


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