CNY Recipe: Braised King Prawn with Shrimp Oil

Prawns are a must-have dish when you are talking about Chinese New Year feasts as its name in Cantonese is associated with happiness and joy. Add lots of joyfulness to the new year with this simple but impressive-looking dish, shared by Yan Ting at St Regis Singapore,
Braised King Prawn with Shrimp Oil
Serves 4
Four large prawns (approx. 100g in weight each)
100g prawn head oil
100g prawn stock
1. Wash the prawns and peel them, leaving the tail on.
2. Once peeled and washed, butterfly the prawns and add them into a hot wok, followed by prawn head oil, stock, and finally a pinch of salt, sugar and chicken powder.
3. Stir ingredients till combined, and braise over low heat until sauce has reduced.
4. Serve.

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