Recipe: Easter Themed Cocktails

By Samantha Jong
March 18, 2016

Easter’s just around the corner! Miguel and Fitri, the bartenders at Catalunya are, judging by the photos, obviously getting with in the bunny mood.. If you happen to be throwing an Easter themed party we have not one, but two easy Easter themed cocktail recipes for you to try. Obviously not for the kids but a little boozy treat for mummies and daddies never goes amiss. Expect these to truly impress your guests!

Truffle by Fitri


2 Blackberries

2 Raspberries

3 Bar Spoonfuls of Cacao Powder

20ml of Vanilla Syrup

30ml of Cacao White Liquor

40ml of Whipped Cream

30ml of Apricot Brandy

1 Bar Spoonful of Chocolate Syrup


  1. Dry shake all ingredients for 10s
  2. Shake with ice and it’s ready to be served


Hatched by Miguel



Half a Banana

20ml of Dark chocolate liquor

30ml of Whipped Cream

20ml of Amaretto

25ml of Red fruit puree

10ml of Dark Rum

30ml of Cranberry Juice

10ml of Lime Juice


  1. Muddle the banana
  2. Combine all ingredients together
  3. Give it all a hard shake to mix well
  4. Strain twice before serving.