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Josh Duhamel may be a big name actor who recently starred in the latest Transformer movie, Transformers: The Last Knight, but like many others, he first started out as a model, before transitioning into acting. Interestingly enough, it was on the television show, Las Vegas, that Josh met his wife Stacey Ann Ferguson, better known as Fergie to most. The pair got married in 2009 and they are parents to an adorable little boy, Axl Jack Duhamel.

8 years!! Love you babe.

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Josh’s first big break on television was in daytime soap opera All My Children, where he played the role of Leo du Pres. He clinched a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, and has been nominated for a slew of  awards .

However most people would be more familiar with his role as Sam Ahern in New Year’s Eve, and William Lennox, in the Transformer movie franchise.

The doting dad brought his little one Axl along for the premiere of the latest Transformers movie. Though some may feel that its not appropriate to let a four-year old watch such a movie, Josh seems ready to deal with the repercussions, jokingly remarking that he will “deal with the post-traumatic stress after.”

One of the perks of my job–playing with bad-ass toys. Thank you London! Next stop, Chicago! #TRANSFORMERS

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He’s no content to just be in front of the camera, and has taken active steps to develop a career behind the camera too. The multi-talented dad is making his directorial debut with The Buddy Gamesfor WWE studios.

He’s not just all about serious work though. He can often be spotted hanging out with his famous pals, Sir Anothny Hopkins and Gabriel Aubrey and getting into all sorts of shenanigans on The Ellen Show. 

Sir Anthony Hopkins and I at Stonehenge. Just a normal afternoon. #lovethisman

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Every once in a while he makes it a point to grace the cover of a magazine, a throwback to his modelling roots.

Josh has certainly racked up a considerable amount of influence and he uses it to channel attention to causes that he believes in and supports. For example,  in 2016, he worked with Unilever on their #ShareAMeal campaign, which enabled the public to donate meals to the underprivileged just by liking the post.

In 2017, he decided to raise awareness about the importnace of protecting elephants and rhinos in Africa and participated in Wild Aid’s #JoinTheHerd campaign, where profits from merchandise purchased would go towards saving endangered creatures.

Josh may be busy with his passions but he never forgets to make time for the love of his life, Fergie. Date night for the couple is a must and it includes getting away for the weekend or just having dinner with one another. It’s all planned around their spunky little son, of course.

Damn you rocked it tonight babe. #hellofuture

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Not far behind Fergie is the other object of Josh’s affection, his mini Axl, and the love that they have for one another is mutual.

Josh is a very invovled dad, and he has made it a point to plant in Axl a love for the great outdoors, and it would seem that Josh has been successful. Axl loves exploring nature, whether it be gathering flowers, rocks or even sticks.

Dream big buddy. #LakeLife

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The pair don’t just spend time outdoors together, cuddling together on bed seems to be a favourite activity for the father-and-son pair too.

Josh in certainly on the right track for his career, love life and being a dad, and we expect to be hearing soon from him on what next big move he’ll be up to next.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FERGIE FERG!!! Love you madly, JD, Axl and Company

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