Cutest Pictures of Multiple Births

A series of photos shared by an Australian mother who recently welcomed her healthy quintuplets in January has been trending all around the world. The first ever photoshoot of these adorable minifiques features shots so precious and endearing, we were inspired to set out in search of more brilliant photoshoots featuring multiple bundles of joy! The more the merrier we say!

1. Quintuplets —  Keith, Ali, Penelope, Tiffany and Beatrix

A photo posted by Kimberley (@surprisedbyfive) on

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When trying for a third child, Kimberly Tucci and her husband conceived this adorable set of quintuplets, four girls and one boy, naturally. Doctors estimate that naturally conceiving quintuplets — that is, without IVF or fertility drugs — happens only about one in 55 million times. We love this photo of these precious little angels, no wonder it’s gone viral!

2. Quadruplets —  Indie, Esmie, Scarlett and Evangeline (Gardner Quad Squad)

Photo: Facebook/gardnerquads

Based in Utah, Ashley Gardner and her husband who struggled with infertility for eight years broke the internet two years ago with snapshot of her joyous shock when she realised they will be having quadruplets. The probability of conceiving two sets of identical twins are 1 in 17 million and it came so much as a gift from God for this couple who documented their IVF journey on their Facebook page.

3. Triplets — Daehan, Minguk and Manse

These three sauve and charismatic brothers took the Korean reality TV scene by storm with their adorable interactions and brotherly mannerisms in The Return of The Superman. The Song Triplets have charmed millions of fans all over the world and they even fronted a bank commercial! The brothers have since left the show but we’re eager to catch their free-spirited laughter and endearing moments in their upcoming projects!

4. Twins — Leia and Lauren (Momo Twins)

That's a shark Lauren! You run, not pose! @babybites_ shark sleeping bag from @mummyfique Kitty leotards from @xariaandco

A photo posted by Momo Twins ~ Leia & Lauren (@leialauren) on

Born prematurely at 32 weeks, Leia and Lauren are Monoamniotic-Monochorionic (endearingly known as MoMo) twins, which means they are identical twins that shared the same amniotic sac within their mother’s uterus but had two separate umbilical cords. Our very own homegrown Instagram starlets conquered Iceland with their adventurous parents when they were merely five months old.  Kudos to them girls braving -10 degrees, 30m/s gale winds and erratic snow blizzards but it’s truly an exceptional experience with amazing photos to boot. Check them out in this shot taken with the absolutely adorable pink Baby Bites that can be bought in our online store.


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