Confinement Nanny Agencies in Singapore

There’s no doubt that childbirth takes its toll on the body. That is why new mums in Asia usually spend the month after the birth of their baby in postnatal confinement, with the time dedicated to allowing the mother to recover.

Many mums, particularly here in Singapore, make it a point to hire a confinement nanny to help out during this period. Confinement nannies tend to live in for 28 days and in that time, they take care of both mummy and newborn, making sure sure that both are well-fed, rested and properly looked after.

While there are those who go for nannies recommended by family or friends, others choose to head to a confinement agency to find a suitable hire. If you find yourself in need of a nanny in the near future and don’t know where to begin, here’s a list of confinement agencies in Singapore and what they have to offer.

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Note: Rates will differ if you have delivered multiple children rather than a single child.

Confinement NannySOS 

Credit: Confinement NannySOS Pte Ltd

If you prefer to have help over a longer period of time, Confinement NannySOS nannies can be hired for up to 16 weeks to assist you with your transition. All nannies here are either English or Chinese speaking and you can make requests for nannies that speak a specific language. You can also opt to hire a day time confinement nanny (nine hours, 9-6pm) if you prefer to have more privacy in the evenings.

28-day nanny (single birth): from S$2500
*Cost is not inclusive of government levy. 

For more information, call +65 68172479 or visit

Credit: is committed to providing you with the best match possible, and all customers will be asked to fill in a survey to allow them to match you with a nanny within their portfolio that best suits your lifestyle and needs. Your booking of a confinement nanny also comes with am iBabyGuard Infant snooze Baby Sleep Monitor that will help you monitor your baby’s breathing.

28-day nanny (single birth): Prices from S$2680
*Cost is not inclusive of government levy.

For more information, call +65 9746 1883 or visit

JIA Employment Services

Credit: JIA Employment Services

If you wish to have greater assurance that the nanny you are hiring will work out well, JIA Employment Services goes the extra mile by arranging for a member of their staff to meet you (at a place that is convenient for you) ahead of time to discuss your specific needs and requirements, including any dialect group preferences. All nannies under JIA’s employ have at least five years of confinement nanny experience.

28-day nanny (single birth): Prices start from S$2400
*Cost does not include government levy and work permit application fee.

For more information, call +65 9459 9830 or visit

PEM Confinement Nanny Agency

Credit: PEM Confinement Nanny Agency

Other than preparing nourishing confinement food and caring for your newborn at night to give you some respite, the nannies at PEM confinement nanny agency can also go grocery shopping and do laundry for the entire family. In addition, PEM nannies are trained by an in-house certified lactation consultant on proper latching methods and various breastfeeding positions, so they’ll be able to dole out helpful advice if you have issues breastfeeding.

28-day nanny (single birth): S$2600
*Price is not inclusive of government levy.

For more information, call +65 6293 9249 or visit

Peranakan Confinement 

Credit: Peranakan Confinement

If having good food during your confinement is a priority, you’ll be pleased to know that you can have a glimpse of the food you’ll get when you hire a nanny from Peranakan Confinement on their website. The nannies here are trained in the best Chinese and Peranakan confinement practices that will help you recover and get back on your feet.

28-day nanny (single birth): Prices start from S$2800

For more information, call +65 9780 6606, visit


Star Confinement Nanny 

Credit: Star Confinement Nanny Pte Ltd

The nannies from Star Confinement have an average of more than five years of experience, and apart from caring for the baby and helping out with simple household needs, they will also help you keep a log of feeding timings and diaper changes, so you know how baby is faring. There’s also a page on the website where the pictures of all the nannies with Star Confinement can be seen, so you request for a specific nanny if you wish.

28-day nanny (single birth): S$2800
*Price is not inclusive of government levy.

For more information call +65 9889 7985 or visit

Super Nanny Services

Credit: Super Nanny Services

Nannies at Super Nanny can speak Chinese, English or Malay and they also have a Japanese translator for Japanese-speaking families who are seeking a confinement nanny. The nannies here are generally over 50-years-old and have three to five years of confinement nanny experience.

28-day nanny (single birth): S$2580
*Price does not include government levy.
** An additional S$100 is charged if you book your confinement nanny just a month before your EDD.

For more information, call +65 9751 1415 or visit

Thinking of doing without a confinement nanny but need someone to prepare confinement appropriate meals for you to get the essential nourishment you need to recover? Click here to see our review of the confinement food providers in Singapore. 

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