CNY Outfits for Kids 2017: Lucky Colour Blue

Image Credit: Gucci.

With the Lunar New Year coming up, there’s no doubt that many of you mummies reading this piece will be out looking for lovely new togs for your little ones. This year, why not give them a little boost of fortune by decking them out in the lucky colours for the year of the rooster. According to the experts at Way Feng Shui, blue is one of the lucky colours this year!

Here is our selection of stylish blue-hued outfits that we think will be perfect for your little ones. After all, superstitious or no, who wouldn’t want a bit of extra fortune dust?

For Boys

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Long-sleeved Oxford Shirt, S$169; Checkered Vest with Detachable Bow, S$245; Checkered Blazer, S$413; Checkered Pants, S$205, from Ferrari Junior Collection.
S$79, from COS.
S$190 to S$220, from BOSS, Kids 21.


S$180 to S$190, Paul Smith Jr, Kids 21.
S$150 to S$190, Little Marc Jacobs, Kids 21.

For Girls

$452, from Nicholas & Bears.
S$129, Margherita, Kids 21.
S$150 to S$160, Il Gufo, Kids 21.
S$79, from COS.


Price unavailable, from Gucci.

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