Children Book Picks: September 2017

Books are a great way to introduce little ones to the world around them and to stimulate their imagination.

Nicole Martins of Flying Books, a children’s book subscription service that is curated for children ages five and under, picks out some favourites for the month of September


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Here are her recommendations and Mummyfique’s reviews of them:

1. Baby Step Big Box of Books
By Katie Saunders
Suitable for 1-3 years old

Teaching your little ones about the concept of size – big and small? You’ll want this set of board books that comes in sizes that are true to their title. Within each book, objects and animals that are of the ‘size’ that is conveyed in the title are colourfully illustrated on each page.

2. The Whale in My Swimming Pool
By Joyce Wan
Suitable for 2-4 years old

It’s a fun story about a little boy who finds a whale in his swimming pool. He tries all sorts of ways to move the whale but is unsuccessful in all his attempts. Finally, he realises that perhaps, it’s better to go with the flow of things. It’s a good introduction to little ones on trying out different solutions and because the book is written in first person dialogue, our little reviewer was especially taken by the many different expressions we threw in while reading it to him.

3. Ten Terrible Dinosaurs
By Paul Strickland
Suitable for 2-4 years old

Few boys don’t like dinosaurs, so we’re sure your little men (and ladies) will love this book about a fun group of dinosaurs. Children learn counting skills as they count off one dinosaur from the group each time they turn the page. However what we love it the attention paid to the description of the dinosaurs with alliteration and the way the text is written, which gives the reading experience a good rhythm and pace. The reason why each dinosaur stops being a part of the group will also have your little one in stitches.

4. Pass it On
By Sophy Henn
Suitable for 3-6 years old

This book is all about finding joy in the little things around you and spreading it to those around you. A great message that little ones should receive and it is done in a relatable manner in this book. We love that it doesn’t just talk about the happy moments, but also touches on the times when it may be a little more challenging to find joy, and shares how to make lemons out of lemonade.


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  • I am sure my 22 month old boy would love the story of ‘ten terrible dinosaurs’! He loves dinosaurs and loves to point out to them when he sees them!?

  • My kids would enjoy “the whale in my swimming pool ” both love swimming and we are currently exploring the theme on underwater creatures. This will make an interesting read for them

  • My kids will like The Whale in My Swimming Pool because they like to let their imagination flow and are usually amused by their own imagination too!

  • The 3 Naughties (aged 4, 5 and 6) will enjoy ‘Pass It I’m most. I think they will be attracted by the cover before discovering the beautiful story in the book. They are avid readers (tho the littlest will need her brother or sister to read for her), so this will be a wonderful book to also teach them great attitudes and values.

  • My bb will like ‘Ten Terrible Dinosaurs’ because she loves funny stuff, colorful things and misbehaving folks (lol!)

  • My baby would love the Baby Step Big Box of Books most! It’ll be fun to learn abstract concepts in a sensorial way, the illustrations look adorable too. 🙂

  • I think my 19 months old will enjoy The Whale in My Swimming Pool because she exclaims very loudly whenever she sees the whale in another book! Hope to win this! Thank you!

  • My kid would definitely enjoy “Pass It On”. She has grown into a cheerful and loving little girl, and the book would teach her how to radiate happiness to other people.

  • I have three kids, 1, 3 and 5 years old. Thus all three will love different books for their age group but they will definitely enjoy listening and reading the books together!

  • Love the Whale in my Swimming Pool. Teaches the child to problem solve and think of various solutions. But if things don’t go their way, not to get upset but rather embrace it.

  • Ten terrible dinosaurs.
    It would be fun to find out why each dino is leaving the group page by page with my curious LO.

  • I think my little 16-month-old girl will LOVE the Baby Step Big Box of Books. She loves colourful pictures and looks at the world with bright-eyed wonder. These books would bring her so much joy!

  • My kid would definitely enjoy “Pass It On”. I noticed that she has grown into cheerful and loving little girl, and this book would be able to teach her to radiate her cheerfulness to other people.

  • My 4.5yo would probably like , she is a little grumpy these days and I am finding it a little difficult to let her not be so grumpy..

    My 1yo would probably love . He doesn’t really sit still to read or even like listening to stories but he likes to flip all the books. ?

  • My 4.5yo would probably like Pass It On, she is a little grumpy these days and I am finding it a little difficult to let her not be so grumpy..

    My 1yo would probably love Baby Step Big Box of Books. He doesn’t really sit still to read or even like listening to stories but he likes to flip all the books. ?

  • Definitely will love ‘Baby Step Big Box of Books’! My baby girl just turned 1 year old and getting this would be super timely for me to teach her the concept of size, as well as increasing her vocab in nouns!

  • I think my 5 yo son would love “Ten terrible dinosaurs” and my 3 yo girl would love “The Whale in my Swimming Pool.”

  • My son will probably enjoy the Ten Terrible Dinosaurs. It will definitely help strengthen his counting which he is just starting to pick up…

  • The Whale in My Swimming
    To find out the solution, mummy (me) and the little one will need to read the book all the way till the end!

  • My child is turning the BIG ONE next month, and I bet he will surely enjoy Baby Step Big Box of Books! I love how there are 4 books inside! It will definitely keep my son entertained.

  • I think my girl will love Baby Step Big Box of Books, visually attractive and she is learning the differences between small and big now.

  • My boy is going to love “The Whale in My Swimming Pool”.
    He is so into exploring different problem solving methods everyday. He is sure gonna learn and enjoy this book with his favourite sea animal.

  • Ten Terrible Dinosaurs – My son is just like any other boys who is crazy over dinosaurs. He loves to sing ‘Ten Little Dinosaurs’ and this book comes in just so RIGHT for him! Look forward to reading it with him!

  • I think my 8 month old will love the Baby Steps Big Box of Books. Just the perfect size for her tiny hands to grab, and colourful pictures to look at 🙂

  • My baby girl would really love “Pass it On” , to learn important life skills and value in appreciating life. That in it there will be ups and downs, hope to share the important message of being resilient. Hope my girl will be blessed to win this giveaway (^^,)

  • Being the only child, my boy seldom need to share his toys. ‘Pass it on’ will be a great book to introduce him about sharing and emphathy.

  • I guess my boy n girl would like Baby Step Big Box of Books By Katie Saunders that is suitable for 1-3 years old… they have been very curious recently.

  • I will love to read to my 3 year old daughter, Pass it on by Sophy Henn. As I think as the story is very beneficial to her as it allows me to share with her that life isn’t always a bed of roses. When there are occasion that is more challenging to be happy, and shares how to make lemons out of lemonade.

  • My 14mo recently started taking an interest in books! I’m sure she would LOVE “Baby Step Big Box of Books”! Hope to win this for her!

  • My 14mo recently started taking an interest in books! I’m sure she would LOVE “Baby Step Big Box of Books”! Hope to win this for her!

  • My 1yo will like Baby Step Big Box of Books as he is currently an inquisitive 15mo exploring the big big world and its wonders! Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  • The baby step box of books would be perfect for my little one as he is into flipping his own books and the different sizes would be so fun for him!

  • My kid will love the ten terrible dinosaurs! She loves to read n is so so interested in acting out the scenes in the book! Thank you very much for this giveaway!

  • My little lady will absolutely LOVE Ten Terrible Dinosaurs. She prowls and roars like one too. Her name is Dina, because of that we call her Dinasaur! This book is totally fitting for her!

    • The Whale in the Swimming pool!!!

      I always encourage my children to be Creative and think of solutions when they encounter problems. To be more independent! They will find great joy in Reading This book; understand how the main character in the book try to solve problems like them!

  • I think my daughter is going to love the Baby Step Big Box of Books. The colourful cover of the book is enough to attract her and I could imagine her passing me the book to get me to read to her 10 times a day! I love such bonding time♡

  • I would like to introduce Baby step Big box of Books to my little one, so he can differenciate between different objects not only by shape but by size too. I believe it will be enjoyable time to be able to read together!

  • My girl will love The Whale in My Swimming Pool as she love the whale! This will be the most suitable book for her to learn!

  • My girl would love to read The Whale in My Swimming Pool! It would be a wonderful story world to get lost in while reading together.

  • The whale in the Swimming pool as I think it’s good to let my boy know there are many solutions to many different things and it’s ok to keep trying instead of wailing away when things doesn’t go his way. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • My kiddos will love all the stories. They are thrilled each time I read them a story. The youngest will flip the book again after I read it to her. I’m sure they will love this set of books! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I think my 18 months girl will love “The whale in my swimming pool”. She loves it when i use different expressions while reading to her, which this book is very apt for. 🙂

  • My 19 month old boy would definitely love ten terrible dinosaurs! He recently has started to count and his favourite dinosaur toy is the allosaurus!:)

  • Liked and shared:)
    I hope to win this set of books for my 19MO boy?We have been having so much fun reading together. I memorize the stories and add in animated actions to draw the attention of my boy to help him cultivate a love for reading! So far it has worked out great! I truly believe that reading is a important stepping stone into his world of learning next time ?
    That being said, I’m sure he will love Baby steps big box of books as we are leaning opposites now. He would also love The whale in my swimming pool as he has just recently learnt how to say that word and the book will draw his attention for sure ?
    Hope to win this and spend more time reading with my boy ?
    Thank you Mummyfique and Flying Books for the giveaway:)

  • Whale in my swimming pool! she loves whales, blue and water (we have whale wall decals and even a whale height chart) Mummy on the other hand would love the board books! Bright, colourful, educational and BOARD.

  • Hope to win this books for my daughter! 🙂 She loves me and my hubby reading bed time stories to her! 🙂 Winning this will definitely make her and us super happy! 🙂

  • It would have to be the whale in my swimming pool! She started swimming since 6 months and swimming is still the one activity that gets her excited

  • My kind 4.5 yo will love Pass It On, as she’s the sort who’s more appreciative of simple joys and her happy nature is a joy that she shares with others around her.

    My 10 yo would love reading The Whale In My Swimming Pool to the 1 yo as she loves sea animals and enjoys picture books a lot more, even at this age.

  • My 22 months old girl will love reading about The Whale in my swimming pool as she is enamoured by ocean creatures recently and loves swimming! She will definitely be amused by the book!

  • I think my kids will love the book: The Whale in my Swimming Pool, as both of their favourite soft toy is a whale soft toy (Jinbei-San) from San-X Japan! I am sure if I can win this, they will hug the book to sleep as well =^.^=

  • The 10 terrible dinosaurs as that’s his favourite animal. Though dinosaurs are extinct. He loves making sounds whenever he sees or hears the word dinosaurs. This book will definitely be engaging for the both of us!

  • I’m sure my girl will love the book : the whale in my swimming pool! What does W stands for? She always say W for whale whale whale whale! =D =D

  • Would really like love to win this set of books as my girl loves to listen to me read her stories before her bedtime. I treasure this bonding time dearly as this is the only time I will put aside all my work and other rountines as I get her to be seated close to me to hear me read aloud. I think this is also the reason why she enjoys bedtime stories, having mummy all to herself. I would really want her to read and learn the values from the book Pass It On. Even at a young age, is common for her to ask for new toys, books, etc, but I want her to learn to treasure the people around her, things that she already have, to find joy over little things around her and to know the importance of perseverance when facing with difficulties.

  • My 19 months ols girl will love Baby Steps Big Box Of Books as its very colourful with lots of pictures to teach her the concept of sizes.

  • My 19 months old girl will love Baby Steps Big Box Of Books as its very colourful with lots of pictures to teach her the concept of sizes.

  • My girl would love The Whale in My Swimming Pool! She loves splashing around during bathe time and this book would be perfect for her.

  • Ten terrible dinosaurs pls … my boy loves dinosaurs !!! After reading I will place the book in his class library to share with all his friends

  • The Whale In My Swimming Pool because
    Both of my children are September babies, I hope my boy will enjoy telling the story to his little Sister! Also hope that they could immerse in the fun of reading with more imaginative & creativity.

  • My 19 months old toddler will love Baby steps big box of books because he loves things and concepts which he is familiar with. He has understood the concept of sizes and is able to sort objects according to “big, bigger, biggest”
    However , the mama here is new to homeschooling and teaching a toddler, so I’m having difficultly trying to teach him the difference beTween sizes vs length and height!
    The set of books would be very useful for us as we embark on our homeschooling journey.

  • My 4 year old boy, Ethan will love Ten Terrible Dinosaurs because he’s so crazy about dinosaurs and he has just started reading, I hope he can read this book to Mommy & his 3 year old Sister! ❤️

  • The Whale in My Swimming Pool is my girl favorite book because she loves swimming. She love the peppa pig book regarding swimming too, everyday will ask us to read bed time story for her with the same book.

  • I would think my 18 month old boy will love the Ten Terrible Dinosuars!! He always like to mimick the sound they made!

  • I think my 2.5yo boy will enjoy the book “pass it on”. It would be a good way to kickstart teaching him about emphathy and finding joy in small moments. Rly hope to win !

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