Children Book Picks: July 2017

Looking for books for kids to add to your collection?

Nicole Martins of Flying Books, a children’s book subscription service that is curated for children ages five and under, picks out some favourites for the month of July.

Here are her recommendations and Mummyfique’s reviews of them:

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1. Funny Bunnies Up and Down
By David Melling
Suitable for 0-3 years old

The alliteration of the name of the main character ‘funny bunny’ will be enough to get your little one in stitches like it did with our little reader, especially since it is repeated several times throughout the book. The story is a fun way to introduce the concept of opposites to young children as the sentence structure is simple and the illustrations help to reinforce what the words mean, and after a few rounds of reading, your little one should be able to read the book fine, all on his or her own.

2. If Animals Kissed Good Night
By Ann Whitford Paul
Pictures by David Walker
Suitable for 0-3 years old

This is the perfect board book to incorporate to your nightly sleep routine with your children as it imagines what it would be like if animals kissed one another good night. Each parent and child animal pair is beautifully illustrated and the unique characteristics of the animals are highlighted in the text. For example, the mother elephant’s trunk would kiss and then sway and shower her calf with a wet, washing spray. We like the humour that is weaved into the story, where the sloth is spotted taking a really long time to do their good night kiss. Read it with your minis and end the session by giving them your very own good night kiss.

3. The Colour Monster
By Anna Llenas
Suitable for 3-5 years old

As adults, we know that colours can change influence one’s mood, and this story helps little ones to understand the different feelings that colours can convey. Using a paper monster illustration that our mini reader wanted to replicate immediately after, the book brings across the different feelings that are associated with a specific colour in a simple and easy to understand manner. Our little reader picked it up easily and remembered the associations rather instantly.

4. I’ll Wait, Mr Panda
By Steve Antony
Suitable for 3-5 years old

Patience is something that kids have very little of, hence this is a great book to teach them that there are great rewards to be reaped if they learn to wait, like the penguin in the book. With many other animals appearing to ask Mr Panda what he’s doing and moving off when they are told to wait, it allows parents to take on the voices of various animals, making this a potentially lively read with children. You can also make reference to the penguin the next time your child makes a fuss about having to wait. We love books like this one that helps to build good character in little ones.

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  • My girl will love If animals kissed good nite. Every b4 she go to her room to have her bed times story before sleep ,she will go to all her soft toys and give them a hug n kiss

    Julie tan

  • ‘I’ll Wait, Mr Panda” would attract my 4 year old son’s attention as he loves pandas! ???
    FB: Ajeek Syasya

  • I think my girls would love the book “If animals kissed good night”. The eldest Sister in the family loves to hug and cuddle as touch is her love language. And I hope that this act of love would be spread within the family among the four sisters while they read the book together!

  • My child would love funny bunnies up and down! The illustrations are lively and the repetitive funny bunnies will definitely intrigue her!

  • I think my kids will love the book “If Animals Kissed Good Night”. Though my kids are still young (boy – 21 months and girl – 9 months), we have been cultivating them the good habits of hugging and kissing each other good night. I’m sure this can help us to bond better with each other.

  • I think my daughter will love “If Animals Kissed Tonight”. She is now at the age where she does role play and imagines the cuddly animal soft toys that she has are her babies! It’ll be nice to see her giving her soft toys and mommy a hug and kiss before she sleeps!

  • Definitely my three little monsters will love to listen for me to read them the “the Colour Monster” .

  • My little one will like Funny Bunnies Up and Down! She loves rabbits right now and would probably find it hilarious.

  • My elder would love funny bunny up and down! He likes bunny! Even sleep together with his jellycat bunny!

  • We love Mr panda series books ! We even do a panda craft after we read one of the mr panda books. Really hope to win for my girl

  • My daughter would definitely love Funny Bunnies as she is very active just like the bunnies. Learning the opposites would be good for her as she is always getting herself into mischief doing the opposite of what I asked her to do.

  • I know my boy would love If Animals Kissed Goodnight! He luurrves naming the different animals and he loves kisses too! Cant wait to share this with him!

  • My girl is going to appreciate “If Animals kissed Good Night” the most. Stories at the bed time is best bonding time for us to cuddle & laugh & she have a special soft corner for furry friends .

    Thanks for always sharing awesome topics & hosting amazing giveaways

  • My boy simply loves storytelling time with his dad. It is a precious bonding that both treasure. Loving panda, I know he will be delighted to receive the book “I’ll wait, Mr Panda”.
    It”ll be such a joy to hear that uncontrollable laughter when he receives his Favourite things 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing these books. My favourite book is “l’ll wait Mr Panda.” Patience is a virtue I want to reach my girl and this book is definitely going to help me. Hope to win this book and the rest!

  • my daughter loves listening to stories! she will definitely enjoy the books especially funny bunnies ups and downs.

  • I think my baby girl would enjoy Funny Bunnies! She is one energizer bunny and has many funny moments and silly antics.

  • My 1 year old girl will love “If animals kissed good night” as the amimals looks cute and it will encourage my girl to give me good night kisses before sleep.

  • I think my boy fave title would be “when animals kiss tonight”.

    He likes animals and enjoys bedtime books. He also likes to snuggle and kiss mummy. Keke:)

    Hope to be able to win this set for him. He will be thrilled and elated!! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  • ‘If animals kissed goodnight’ sounds like the perfect bedtime book. We’d love to have it added to our night routine 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I’ll Wait, Mr Panda By Steve Antony will be my daughter’s favourite book. She loves animals & the story of this lovely book is about patience which is the value I always remind my daughter as patience is very important to get things done well properly. Love how we can educate our children about the values in life through this beautifully written storybook. Hope to be lucky to win this beautiful set of curated books by Flying Books.
    Thank you!
    Facebook: Agnes Loh
    Instagram: agnes_arissa

  • My girl will love Funny Bunnies most because bunnies are her favourite! She sleeps with her jelly cat bunny and Peter Rabbit : )

  • I’ll wait mr panda looks like a really cute book. I think my.boy will love it. He’s still trying to figure out how to ask politely and wait for things he wants.. So this will be a great book to help him unserstand and gain this skill. 🙂

  • My 2YO loves rabbits. I really wanna get my hands on the funny bunny book. the rest looks good too, esp the “if animals kissed goodnight”. it will be a great addition to our bedtime books.

  • My girl will love If Animals Kissed Good Night! I’m sure after reading this book will make her sleep better every night!

  • My girl will love “I’ll Wait, Mr Panda”. Panda is one of her favourite animals and it teaches her patience which is what I need badly.

  • Liked and hope to win for my baby girl! I need books to distract her so that she will eat her purée! She loves picture books!

  • My 1 year old boy would love ‘If Animals Kissed Goodnight’. He loves colourful illustrations of animals and it would be a perfect read as a bedtime story.

  • My girl loves bunnies up and down. I hope I can share the book ‘I’ll wait Mr Panda’ with her to teach her about patience.

  • Hope to win this set of books for my 4yo little girl. She’s very into bunnies and have been reminding her to kiss good night to daddy mummy and her little brother!!

  • It was great to share to the little one so that they can pick up reading than staying their eyes to tablets

  • I think my 15 month toddler will enjoy the ‘funny bunnies’ as it seems like a book with rhythmic phrases. I hope i can win this set for him to add on to his current collection! He loves books from Julia Donaldson and Eric Carle the most. Thank you!

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