How Celebrity Dads Celebrated Father’s Day

“We wondered why when a child laughed, he belonged to Daddy, and when he had a sagging diaper that smelled like a landfill, ‘He wants his mother’.” – Erma Bombeck

With Father’s Day having just passed, we take a look back at how celebrities spent their Father’s Day. From heartfelt dedications to multi-generational posts of thanks, you would want to give your dad a big bear hug after reading this story.


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Chrissy Teigen

Happy Father's Day to the most perfect man Luna and I could ever ask for. Since the day she was born, you've done every bottle with me, woken up with me to keep me company through every night. You don't mind diapers, get all the best burps, and read her Goodnight Moon like poetry. It makes me so happy to see so much of you in her smile and eyes that completely glow when looking at you. She will never look at anyone – anyone – the way she looks at you. Happy Father's Day to your father, Ron. John is the amazing father he is because of you and Phyllis. You created and raised a man we are all so lucky to love. We love you, Johnny, endlessly, forever and ever to the Luna and back. Happy Father's Day from Luna and I, and thank you to game 7 for providing the real gift here and getting me out of having to plan and overthink the day phew

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Starting off with the most beautiful post from Chrissy Teigen to John Legend and his father, Ron. Not only did she thank John for being what sounds like the perfect father, she even thanks John’s father for making him the perfect father.


Doutzen Kroes

Sometimes, less is more.


Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner dedicated her post to all the men in the Kardashian-Jenner clan — both past and present. Gratitude knows no bounds.


Allan Wu

Happy Father's Day to Dads out there!! #MyEverything #ProudPapa #BestJobInDaWorld

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Hitting it closer to home, Allan Wu posted a photo with his two kids with a look of pure bliss.


Daniel Ong

Time for a Father's Day smoke and whiskey! #thankful #cigars #whiskey #singlemalt #homesweethome #mantime #alonetime #peace

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Best Father's Day ever Coz of this one. 🙂 thank you my darling. @thisisreneeong #daddysgirl #thankful

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Daniel Ong celebrated with some stereotypical whisky and a cigar, and a sweet photo showing him playing with bubbles in the bath with daughter Renee giving him a bubble beard.


Joel Madden

Thank you for making me a Dad ❤

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Saying so much with so few words, the Good Charlotte frontman thanked his wife for making him a dad.


Naomi Watts

Some food for thought, the difference between a father providing for his son and the son providing for his father.


Azalea Ang

Ang Junyang celebrated his first Father’s Day with daughter Azalea, the caption loosely translated to ‘even though you made me a Manchester United fan, I still love you! Happy Father’s Day!’.



“Best year of my life”, need we say more? The rapper’s dad must be an awesome one, seeing how much Macklemore dotes on his little girl, Sloane — he even wrote a song for her!


Jessica Alba

Rounding off with Jessica Alba’s post, though simple, there’s just something about having your dad, husband and kids in the same photo — #familygoals.

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