Celeb Watch: Birth Announcements May 2017

Having a new addition to the family is always an occasion worth celebrating. Congratulations to the following celebrities who welcomed bundles of joy into their lives the past month (late April –  May 2017).

Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik

The New Girl actress and her husband Jacob Pechnik welcomed their second child, a baby boy called Charlie, on 9 May. Like always, Zooey chooses to keep her life private and did not make any announcement on her social feeds. Both parents are said to be overjoyed with the newest addition to the family. Like his older sister, Elise Otter, Charlie’s middle name, wolf, is inspired by an animal.

Alex and Steven Gerrard

My little man ? @gracekelliephotograghy #lio

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After having three girls, Steven Gerrard and his wife Alex welcomed a baby boy, Lio George Gerrard, on 29 April. 

Joon Park

요오우~ 인재 쪽꿈 폼이나오나? ^^ 꽁꽁아 아빠가 아직 쪽꿈 뻗뻗하구 어색해두 이해해죠 시간 지날수록 더 잘할깨~ 알쮜?^^ 빼애앰~! Yo~ is my form lookin pretty decent now?^^ Hey lil Princess even if I'm still a lil stiff and awkward thanks for understanding, I'll get better~ok?!^^ BBBAAAMMM~!!! #지오디 #fangod #박준형 #JoonPark #딸사랑 #가족사랑 #familyLove #MyCutePrincess #BabyLove #꽁꽁쭁쭁 #Love #꽁꽁아사랑해매애앤♡ #이럭해애기를드러본개육아일기랑우리조카시절쓰매애앤 #넘쬬옥꿈해몸뚱아리가내손만해매애앤 #내가아무리부드럽개드러줄라해두꽁꽁이가나한탠너무곱상하구Delicate하구Precious해서아직은넘뻗뻗하다미안쏠칫쏠꽁꽁공쥬우쓰 #우유먹구트름식힐라구하는대난잘하구있는줄아랐는대사진나온거보뉘꽁꽁쓰표종이모든걸다말을해주내아직응가를싸구있는거같은표종쓰차암나 #그래두이해해주구얼굴볼때는아빠랑또옥깟취입꼴한쬭만쒸익올려서우서주는울꽁꽁이넘사랑스럽구고맙구살랑한다매애앤앞으루더잘할깨 #그러니깐맘마두많이먹구잠두푸욱잘자구트름두꽥꽥많이하구방구두많이뿡뿡끼구응가두많이뽕뽕싸구근냥쮸욱건강하개자라주기만해매애앤 #그래난딸바보맛따매애앤째애앰 #그와중애내머리는완죤카팻트내차암나 #Precious #LoveMyBaby #파파쭌 #PapaJoon #빼애앰 #딸바보 #SeoulKorea #Kpop

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The former k-pop idol is now a dad. His wife, who is a not a celebrity, delivered their baby girl on 10 May. The proud papa has taken to calling himself Papa Joon and can’t stop gushing about his little princess.

Ciara Princess Harris and Russell Wilson

No Greater Feeling Than Being In Your Arms….#MCM

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Ciara and husband Russell welcomed their first child together on 29 April. The singer has been actively sharing updates of how she has been doing throughout her pregnancy and it has been evident how much she looked forward to welcoming her daughter. Both Ciara and Russell posted the same photo on their Instagram accounts to announce the arrival their daughter, Sienna Princess Wilson, with the caption “No matter how big the wave, we will always be your calm in the storm.”

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Celeb Watch: Birth Announcements May 2017

Having a new addition to the family is always an occasion worth...
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