Becoming A Father at 50

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By Mummyfique Contributor
June 18, 2016

Parenthood impacts our lives in indescribable ways and with Father’s Day upon us, we thought who better to share their experiences with us than a dad himself? In this column, Chris Au shares with us how having children has changed his life.

By Chris Au

Hitting the half century mark this year allows me to reflect on being an older first time father.  I spent the first 50 years of my life focused on selfish pursuits.  The arrival of a young family certainly puts an end to any further hedonistic inclinations.   No more sleeping late on lazy Saturdays or obligation free weekends.  The two-seater convertible was traded in for a seven-seater family friendly transporter.   Play dates no longer carry the same meaning and are replaced with family days.

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Fatherhood evolved me.  Like the head of a pride I always stayed close to protect and watch over my young clan.  Overnight business trips became day trips.  Gathering with friends became distant occurrences.  Instead my days were filled with smiles and giggles from the younglings.  Her scent more intoxicating than any sultry fragrance.  Life has blessed me with what I never dreamt I could have.

To put it in better words, I adapted one of my favourite songs from Les Miserables to reflect what fatherhood means to me.  This, I dedicate to my children who made me a better man, a better human… … a father.


There was a time when I was free

When my whispers were heard

And well received

There was a time when the pleasures were boundless

And the world was my playground

And the travels were exhilarating

There was a time

Then it all went wrong


I dreamed of wild abandon days long gone by

When the skin was tight

And age not a matter

I dreamed that the beats would never stop

And the walls would have no ears

Then I was sudden and dauntless

And desires were yearned and rewarded

There was no prize out of reach

No laughter wasted

No bottles un-opened


But fatherhood arose in the distance

With their soft cries as sweet as choir

As they shatter your flawless being

As they transform your singular into countless


She sleeps nightly by my side

She enrich our lives with ceaseless wonder

My duty is to raise her thru her childhood

Guide her journey thru the woods


Now my dreams have altered to a new inevitability

That we will nurture as a family together

Now I dream of melodies of baby happenings

For this child will want for nothing


I had a dream my life would be

So different from the rewards I’m living

So different now from what I had gleaned

Now life has blessed me with what I never dreamed