Apps That Teach Your Child Financial Literacy

Give your child a head start in life with practical money managing skills that will serve them well later on in life, as they will have better knowledge of how to manage their finances, and not believe that there’s a magic card that will be able to pay for everything that they want. Here are three apps that introduce basic financial skills and knowledge to little ones.

Green$treets: Unleash the Loot!

Available on iOS

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There’s been nothing but praise for this app from parents who have reviewed it. Children are tasked with rescuing endangered animals by earning money through planting trees and caring for for the environment. Once the animals are freed, players are then responsible for feeding and playing with the animals until they are ready to return to the wild — children will only be able to do so if they have money in the bank. Without realising it, little ones will learn about earning money, making financial choices, and even borrowing and repaying money. Suited for those five and up.

Renegade Buggies

Available on iOS and Android

Race your way through the town to pick up items on your grocery, collect coins and savings coupons. Don’t forget to avoid the obstacles, such as stray dogs and puddles on the road. The main aim of the game is to save as much money as you can at the check out counter, and the dollars you earn go towards making your buggy more fanciful. Through the gameplay, players will learn about maximising their money, as well as budgeting skills. Suited for those six and up.

Savings Spree

Available on iOS

Children learn how little lifestyle choices can have an impact on their long term savings. Through easy to understand graphics, children can see how buying a soft drink a day for $1.50, can cost $547.50 a year, an amount that they can use to buy something that’s on their wishlist. All this is done through a simple six stage game where at the children can see why the benefits of saving clearly. The only downside is that the money is in US denominations, which differ from Singapore, but the lessons it teaches are universal. Suited for those five and up, with guidance from parents.

Want to start a bank account for your child? Click here to learn more about the various Singapore children savings accounts. 

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