Allergen-Free March: Gluten-Free Vegan Maccheroni Pasta

For those of you who have decided, or have had to embark on a gluten-free diet, this Vegan Maccheroni (or macaroni as it’s better known here) Pasta from Open Door Policy is just the dish to add to your family’s dinner reportoire.

Vegan Maccheroni Pasta

Pasta dough

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• 90g arrow root flour
• 80g corn flour
• 80g rice flour
• 14g xanthan gum
• 3g salt
• 145g water


• Whisk dry ingredients in mixing bowl with water until breadcrumb-like mixture forms.
• Transfer mixture to pasta machine and extrude using the macaroni attachment (or shape pasta by hand).
• Blanch pasta immediately in rapid boiling water for 10 seconds.
• Remove and transfer pasta to an ice bath and drain immediately so pasta does not absorb any extra water.
• Drain well and drizzle a little olive oil over
• Store and reserve in the fridge until needed

Béchamel Sauce:


• 400gm Almond milk
• 20gm Corn flour
• 8gm Nutritional Yeast flakes
• 2gm Nutmeg
• Salt/pepper

1. Add Almond milk into thermomixer for 3 – 5 mins until 80 Degree Celsius.
2. Mix in other ingredients and run for 5 min in high speed.

Portobello Bolognese


• 500gm Portobello mushroom
• 80gm Yellow onion chopped
• 80gm Carrots diced
• 80gm Celery diced
• 3gm Garlic (whole)
• 2 pieces of dry bay leaf
• 300gm Tomato sauce
• 5gm Rosemary
• 100ml Red wine
• 3 tbsp Olive oil


1. Heat 3 tbsp of Olive oil over medium-high heat over heavy pot.
2. Add in Portobello mushroom and cook until golden brown for 6 mins.
3. Add in onions, carrots, celery, garlic bay leaf and rosemary sauté until tender for 10 mins.
4. Stir in tomato sauce and cook for 5 mins.
5. Deglaze with red wine and simmer over low heat for 20 mins.
6. Add pasta into the sauce and toss it.
7. Finish with nutritional yeast flakes.

Open Door Policy has a dairy- and gluten-free menu available.

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