Academic Outlook for Your Child in the Fire Rooster Year

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By Mummyfique Contributor
January 23, 2017

As parents, one of the biggest concerns at the top of our lists, especially in competitive Singapore, is how our children will fare academically.

Way Fengshui Group shares what the stars say about the academic performance of your little ones in the year ahead.

Rat ★★★
For the highly intelligent and inquisitive Rat, the academic realm is easily conquered as long as you stay focused on your goals and ambitions. While in-depth understanding of a subject is the key to knowledge, you should plan around your curriculum and learn what will be tested. As Gou Shen Entanglement Star plants wild notions in your head, you will have to stay rational and refrain from letting your heart rule over your head.

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Ox ★★★★
In spite of the troubles you are facing in other aspects of your life, this is a time when you will excel academically as you find peace and focus in studying. With San Tai Achievement Star around, you shall receive affirmation of your knowledge and the new skills you learn may even propel you towards a promotion at work. Hua Gai Star of Arts may also inspire new ideas and lead you towards future entrepreneurship but beware, as it may also cause you to withdraw into yourself. Maintain your positivity by sharing your learning progress with friends.

Tiger ★★★★
Given your favourable academic luck and astute nature, there is no better time to acquire new knowledge and skills. These will be invaluable for broadening your career options should you wish to make a career switch. With the presence of Yue De Star of Kindness, you’ll find yourself aided by benefactors who will supplement your learning quest with experience and wisdom. However, do not study for the sake of grades or qualifications. It is vital that you have an interest in what you are learning; otherwise, you will soon become demoralised.

Rabbit ★★
This unfavourable luck cycle makes academic pursuits more challenging, but do not be discouraged – focus and determination will triumph whether you are pursuing a postgraduate degree or simply taking courses to upgrade your skills. Be patient with yourself if certain concepts are proving to be a challenge to grasp. If you are taking your examinations, avoid burning the midnight oil as it will be detrimental to your health. Rely on a peer support group and do not be embarrassed to ask for help so long as you learn.

Dragon ★★★★★
With your intelligence and thirst for knowledge, you will find yourself progressing by leaps and bounds when taking in new concepts and techniques. While Zi Wei Benefactor Star shines on you, you should actively seek mentorship from wise and dedicated teachers. They will make mastery even easier and may even open doors for your career. Similarly, as the saying goes, the best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. Generously share what you know with peers and you’ll build on your wisdom while also establishing social ties.

Your intellectual nature will mitigate the challenges you will face in your studies, especially for those sitting for major examinations. Avoid peers who are unmotivated to study and fill your head with romantic ideas, as this is Tian Xiong Glib Star making mischief to hinder your academic success. Instead, practise smart study habits – alone if necessary – and you will be rewarded with stellar results. If you are on the path to attaining a professional qualification, you may wish to stay late in the office or other quiet spaces to avoid distractions.

Horse ★★★★
Your determined and persistent nature makes you naturally primed for academic pursuits. This year, Tian De Star of Benevolence will enhance efforts in your studies as you will find peers and mentors who support and encourage you along your path of further education. While certifications are the symbol of academic achievement, you should embrace hands-on learning to truly understand and apply your knowledge.

Goat ★★★
Learning is a lifelong pursuit and no matter your age, you can acquire new knowledge with the right attitude. Although family disputes and instability may affect your academic performance, carve out time and space for revisions and do not feel compelled to burn the midnight oil. Ba Zuo Achievement Star will help you get through exams and assessments with ease.

Monkey ★★★
Your inquisitive and quick-witted nature will help you learn quickly and easily, but depth is more important than breadth. You will need to tame your mind and focus on mastering and applying concepts before moving on to the next topic, otherwise you may find yourself forgetting what you have studied earlier.


Check back tomorrow to find out how the other animals will be doing in their studies this year. 

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