7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Kid’s Rooms With Paint

A person’s environment can determine their mood and stimulate their creativity. With the bedroom being the place your little one spends the most time in daily, making it a bright, colourful and creative play should definitely be in the books. As an added bonus, you can engage your little ones in this project and spend quality bonding time with then. Here are seven ideas from Dulux Colour Experts on how you can makeover your kid’s room with a coat of fresh paint.

1. Go bold with colour blocking

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Colour blocking is a fun and easy way to get started on a DIY paint project with your child. Keep it simple by isolating a particular portion of your wall for this, painting the walls in two separate colours. Use bright, contrasting shades such as yellow and pink to create a cheery and vibrant environment for the kids.

2. Incorporate multi-coloured stripes

Stripes are a simple way to make a room come alive. Start by painting the wall a neutral colour, such as an understated grey, and then mark out the different areas using masking tape. With the tape in place, both adults and kids can paint with their colour of choice without worrying that they may making mistakes.

3. Play with shapes

Use of shapes to spice up an otherwise dull space. Pull out common tools around the house such as a bowl or a pot to create dots of different sizes and play around with different colours to create all sorts of looks! Using neutral colours creates a calming environment, while incorporating a multitude of colours gives off a playful vibe. Do remember that less is more with this type of wall treatment, so don’t go too crazy.

4. Get creative with stencils

With stencils, sky’s is the limit and the wall is your canvas to create your desired look. All you need to do is select an appropriate stencil, secure it on the wall and paint away! Personalise your kid’s room be stenciling their name on their walls.

5. Brighten up your shelves

Other than painting walls, painting furniture is another way to accent a room with bright fresh colours and it’s a quick and simple project to execute. Try painting shelves or any small furniture in a bright shade so as to bring a space to life. Use paint that dries quickly and can be applied easily on wood surfaces, such as the Dulux Water-Based Gloss.

6. Sync up your furniture and wall

Match the designs on your wall with the furniture in your room to add a unique twist to the look of a room. One way to do this is to use overlapping circles to create the imagery of a bushy tree and a wooden shelf to form the trunk of the tree.

7. Aim for statement ceilings

If you are up for a challenge, go big with patterns on the ceilings. It might be a little tricky but the results are stunning. Make use of masking tape to mark out the desired shape so as to keep painting easy and fuss-free.

Click here for more crafty ideas that you can do with your kids. 

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